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Tulip Flower.

Name: Tulip Flower

Color: Comes in many colors - can be in solid color or could be two-toned.


Shape: Generally, in cup shape or could also be star shaped.

Fact: Tulip is the ranked as the third’s most famous flower with rose on the first place and chrysanthemum as second. In 1630’s, it created a so-called “Tulipmania” where the bulbs of this flower was traded just like that of a currency.

Poisonous: Yes but it’s rarely fatal

Number of Petals: 6 tepals

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Victorian Interpretation: Perfect Love, Fame, and Charity.

Blossom Time: Tulips are considered early bloomers if it blossoms in April. Typically however, they bloom in May and if they blossom by June, they are already considered as late bloomers.

Superstitions: The meaning of the word tulip in Persia is turban and it is used as charms to fight of evil. The person who has a tulip in their possession would not have to go bareheaded and long for a turban.

What the Tulip Means:


The different colors of tulips also have different meanings but generally when a person is given a tulip, it means perfect love, eternal life, imagination or it could also mean showiness and fame. Since the tulip has velvet like dark center, it is commonly associated to represent the heart of a lover that is darkened and filled with passion. And since tulips have a wide array of bright and vivid colors, it plays with imagination and inspires it thus it also means imagination.

Tulips also means rebirth since it is one of the first flowers that blooms in spring. Because of this, the tulip flower also garnered its other name as “heralds of spring”. As mentioned, the tulip can also symbolize fame and showiness because of its large petals. Since the tulips has a lot of different shades, the meaning could vary from one color to another but the variegated tulips often denotes about having beautiful eyes. The cream colored tulip on the other hand is meant to express commitment and eternal love.

The purple tulips signify royalty while the pink hues of tulips could either mean confidence, affection and happiness. A striking orange tulip also signifies happiness but can also mean energy, warmth, enthusiasm and desire. If the tulip is given as a bouquet, then it means that the receiver holds elegance and grace. It’s also the perfect gift for those celebrating an 11th wedding anniversary.

It’s no wonder that the tulip flower is the Emblem of Holland since they have been the main breeder as well as supplier of tulips all over the world for more than a 100 years now. For quite some time, the tulip became a symbol for the wealthy in Holland since they are the only one who can afford it. Some would even call it as a “pot of gold” - because it is really expensive.

The Shape: Cup-shape or can be star shaped.



Petals: For every bloom, you will see 3 petals and 3 sepals.

Numerology: The tulip has a numerical expression of 6 - which often represents charming and lovable persons.

Color: Every color of the tulip flower has different meanings as the flower itself comes in different solid colors and variegated species.

Herbalism and Medicine: The tulip flower potted plants are recommended to grow indoors as they help homeowners to remove toxins from the air. According to some studies, it has the ability to remove certain compounds in the atmosphere such as formaldehyde, ammonia and xylene. As to date, there have been no clear reports on whether tulips have medicinal properties and if it’s used to make drugs.


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