Pointy Nose

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Pointy Nose

A nose that is pointy is sharp, and in most instances, it can be noticed straight away.

It does not have anything that may make one conclude that it is either soft or fleshy. Just like people with a crooked nose, they are cunning and crafty by nature, and even though it may not be as a result of hard life in their earlier life, it is just part of their life and they find pleasure in doing that.


Being witty is their major weapon; they can successfully challenge any person with almost guaranteed success. Nobody can easily overwhelm them, especially in arguments. When it comes to matters such as consignments and agreements, they are hard to please.

They always approach issues with a perspective of mischievousness and shady intentions.

The pointed-nosed person holds a kind heart. They have a difficulty tolerating other people whom they do not find have their same views. They are sometimes believed to lack compassion. Some people with this nose are sadistic in nature - not all only some.

They are believed to work best when under stress. In terms of a career, they make great insurance brokers and marketers.

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They are always trusted, especially at first appearance. They have a sincere heart.

However, with time, they are never successful in making their intimate and long-term relationships a success due to their shrewed and suspecting behaviour.

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