Mole on the Nose Tip

Unlock the hidden secrets of the face

Mole on the Nose Tip

A brown or red mole on the nose is quite uncommon.

There exists a belief that this is a sign of success in creating wealth. Luck always follows them. At the same time, they have the spirit of working hard and always in a discreet and cautious way.


As much as they may look successful and focus on the creation of wealth, it remains a challenge to maintain this wealth. Wealth accumulation in mid-years becomes the real challenge in their lives. In many cases, for short-term investments, they are among the best achievers.

Health is a major challenge among this category of people. They normally suffer untold ilinesses that easily brings them down emotionally.

They are also vulnerable to diseases that are seasonal, as well as those that are related to diet. According to dietitians and nutritionists, marks on the nose means these people commonly suffer from diseases like obesity. They need frequent precautionary and stringent health management measures to manage themselves.

One of their favoured working environments is where they are in control of other people.They work well as leaders and managers.

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Love is their major undoing; no matter how successful they are in life, it is believed that their relationships are always a challenge.

They have problems in keeping a relationship for a long period without issues cropping up. As a result, they are not very successful in marriages and family life; they much rather work to obtain wealth.

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