Lines on the Nose Bridge

Unlock the hidden secrets of the face

Lines on the Nose Bridge

It has been established that bearers of horizontal lines on the nose bridge mean they are ill-fated in matters related to health.

It is believed that they often fall sick. They cannot sustain a healthy body. As soon as they recover from one illness, another strikes. This cuts across every cadre of people, right from children to the aged. Moreover, this problem will keep recurring in a given sequence over one’s lifetime, which eventually makes them susceptible even to the most insignificant diseases.


Some of these health problems occur in their digestive systems; on the other hand, these lines give a highly consequential interpretation about what that means to women in childbirth and during pregnancy. It is believed that for women, such signs are a clear indication that they may experience a complication during birth.

It is common to find the bearer of such lines involved in activities that keep them reserved; they enjoy playing games such as cards, scrabble, or even poker. They are mostly suited to careers like accountancy, as well as hospitality.

It is believed that they don't like leadership positions, and it is never one of their priorities since they are naturally non-aggressive. In love, they have a kind personality. It is known that they thread carefully, and much of their interest is based upon the principles of safeguarding themselves against the unseen and untold future.

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