Gentle Eyebrows

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Gentle Eyebrows

People will be said to have gentle eyebrows if their eyebrows are generally thin, neat, and made of fine hair.

Just by the name, gentle eyebrows mean that the person is very gentle in character and soft and elegant. Most of the time, these people will be very amiable and generally relate well with others. Due to their high focus on detail, they receive deep knowledge on any subject that they decide to know about.


All their lives, they are very happy and fortunate. They have excellent families that are highly supportive of them. People that have gentle eyebrows generally have a solid sense of ambition and all the energy and enthusiasm that enables them to successfully pursue their goals.

In face reading gentle eyebrows are associated with a caring, affectionate person. It is considered in Chinese-based ancient texts that raising children who have gentle eyebrows is lucky. Face reading books explain that people who have gentle eyebrows are forward thinking. People with gentle eyebrows have normally had a nice childhood, very few will have problems in life.

Some people’s eyebrows can be not only gentle in shape but rather bushy. It is believed that this type of person has a temper which needs to be controlled at times. 

To have gentle eyebrows and the hair is thick and possibly meets in the middle suggests that you will progress in life. 

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Gentle eyebrows have been associated with those people that are clever and resourceful. If a man has gentle eyebrows is likely to be able to attract women very easily. There is a danger that he can act as a coward at times especially in arguments. Moving onto women, if a woman has gentle eyebrows and that the hair is quite sparse this indicates that she will have advantages over males.  She will be quite attractive and normally get what she wants. In some ways she will be a seducer. Subconsciously she will amend her eyebrows by plucking or drawing them into a thicker brow.

This is quite interesting is it actually hiding the seductive nature of this woman!

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