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As the number zero is connected to absolutely nothing.

This number in a dream stands for something in life that has hurt you, this kind of dream implies an anxiety that a scenario or even business connection will probably result in no profit. Efforts in life may amount to ‘nothing’.



The meaning of this symbol in your dream is an indication of cosmic order. Emptiness is normally connected with this symbol. Every number has significance, including zero. If we look at numerology, the number zero indicates a new start. Alternatively, the dream forewarns that you may be heading for some time alone, away from people so you can make the correct decisions in life. To use the zero number in your dream signifies infinity.


In your dream you may have…

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  • Seen yourself counting a zero.
  • Seen the zero appear.
  • Seen others express the number.


Positive changes are afoot if...


  • You enjoyed the dream.
  • Everything in the dream was normal.


Using the number zero in your dream means that you will encounter some magic and divine mystery. As the zero is a symbol of nothingness this means that things may feel empty for you. Have you been suffering from any emptiness as part of your daily life? The symbol can furthermore reveal the importance of infinity, eternity, completeness, absolute independence and holiness.


The use of zero though Babylonion was quite sparse. Scribes were sometimes left blank, which equaled a zero. In ancient Egypt, there is no hieroglyph for the number zero. This means that you may have divine power over your life. Zero signifies the blank space of infinity, the zero that existence arises and also to so it returns. Zero may be the symbol of potential. Thus, this is a positive dream. Potentially your current actions have already been detrimental. You'll find it signifies timelessness as well as super-conscious.


Feelings that you may have encountered during a dream of zero...

Worry about the zinc. Content. Amazed. Curious. Worried. Insecure. Discontent. Feeling old. Afraid of time.

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