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The Oriental tradition considers the wolf dream to be a prophetic dream foretelling unpleasant events.

Raising a young wolf in your house means that you protect something evil; you support someone who will steal from you later, and will denigrate or destroy you. If the baby wolf becomes gentle, it means that things are back on track. In the Persian tradition, the wolf dream means that someone secretly hates you.


In your dream you may have...

  • Had a wolf attacking you.
  • Seen a wolf attacking a shepherd.
  • Had a young wolf in your house
  • Seen a wolf with an open mouth.
  • Seen a fierce wolf.
  • Seen a pack of wolves.
  • Had a wolf bite you.
  • Killed a wolf.
  • Been alone while you were attacked by wolves.
  • Heard a howling wolf.
  • Seen a wolf running.
  • Been hunting a wolf.
  • Seen a wolf sleeping.

Positive changes are afoot if...

  • The wolf is pleasant and friendly.
  • You quickly recognize the wolf’s deceit.
  • The wolf watches over your home.

Detailed dream interpretation...

A wolf symbolizes the guardian in our life. To dream of other wild dogs indicates that your emotions or feelings have been challenged. If you are chased by a wolf or a pack of wolves, this indicates you may have some depression in the future. Dreaming of a pet dog is a positive omen, and represents happy times ahead. The loyalty connected to wolves in general offers some sense of interpretation to your dream. Putting this simply, you have friends around who will provide you with loyalty and love. Seeing lots of wolves in you dream suggest great damage. Killing a wolf means that you will get rid of an enemy. If you dream that you have been bitten by a wolf tells that in the real life someone will make you mad. If you hear a wolf in your dream howling, this tells you to beware of thieves, or someone looking to rob you.

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A wolf in your dreams could mean lots of hidden enemies. If in your dream the wolf attacks you, you are going through a big danger in your waking life. If you fight with the wolf it means you will succeed in life. If a shepherd is attacked by a wolf this foretells big sorrow in your family. A wolf with an open mouth tells that your enemies are overwhelming you.

A fierce wolf suggests a cruel enemy. A pack of wolves means war. Seeing a wolf moving foretells disease, and if it bites you it means you will be oppressed. If you kill a wolf you will get rid

of enemies. If you kill it with your bare hands it means that you will try to get rid of a dangerous enemy by roundabout ways.

If in your dream you are alone and a wolf attacks you, this means great danger. If the wolf is howling, it suggests that you are under pressure from all sides. Seeing a wolf running means suffering, and that you are surrounded by enemies. Hunting a wolf signals a danger ahead. Killing a wolf means imminent success. If in your dream you see a wolf sleeping, you have a hidden enemy.


To dream of wolves following you indicates that you have to borrow money. If you dream that you scare or kill the animals, you will have better luck. Generally this dream is an omen of enmity. Seeing a wolf is a sign that you have to evaluate very carefully who is your enemy and who is your friend. Lots of wolves indicate loss. A wolf biting you means that somebody is going to upset you, and that you should get rid of a hostile character in your life.

Feelings that you may have encountered during a dream of a wolf…

Scared. Terrified. Worried. Anxious. Feel terrible. Upset. Vengeful. Crazy. Mad.

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