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Sometimes we do not recognize the smaller achievements or successes and that this is symbolic in terms that we need to understand the actual details of the dream.

This dream assumes that if we win, then in the waking life you will be content and happy. If you receive a prize in your dream then your subconscious is trying to reward you in some way. Think about what you are doing. To dream of winning a horse race means that you are going to enjoy good times and a holiday. If you are over thirty then a trustworthy friend will do a good turn. To win the lottery in your dream can mean that a holiday is on the cards. Sometimes it can actually mean you are going to win the lottery so make sure you note down the numbers.


In your dream that you may have...

  • to have success in reaching (a place, condition, etc.), esp. by great effort:
  • winning the lottery
  • winning at work by effort, as through labor, competition, or conquest: He won his post after years of striving.
  • gained (a prize, fame, etc.).
  • to be successful in (a game, battle, etc.).
  • to make (one's way), as by effort or ability.
  • to attain or reach (a point, goal, etc.).
  • to win a favor, love, consent, etc.), as by qualities or influence.
  • to win the favor, regard, or adherence of.
  • to win the consent or support of; persuade
  • to win a person to marry; gain in marriage.

Detailed dream meaning...

I bet you woke up and thought.. why is this just a dream! Any dream of succeeding in something is a message to let you know that you need to have credit for what you have achieved so far in your life. To receive as a prize or reward for performance is an indication that your life will be content in connection with your career.

To dream of winning something in your dream, such as a prize or a sports event signifies that you feel confidence. This is also a message from your subconscious mind that you can gain success in everything that you do. To dream of winning the lottery suggests that you are having an inner break. During this time you will have little material problems. It is also wise to keep a note of the numbers as on occasion people have won the lottery from "dream" numbers.

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To dream of winning a quiz show on television means you may have a change of occupation. To dream of winning a man or woman in love - generally means you're going to have to difficulties of work. To dream of winning any jewels means discovery in connection with prosperity. If you are a first date (in your dream and you win love) and you are going to seek happiness through friends.

To win money on the scratch card or bingo generally means that you will meet a new acquaintance who would be very useful in your life. To dream of winning money at a casino means, if you are over thirty then a good offer for new job with better prospects awaits you. If you are under thirty than some difficulties with employers will melt away. If you are a woman and you are under thirty this dream means means you will live your life in an enjoyable day. To dream of going to a football game and they win mean that fun, adventure, contentment and excitement will soon come into your life. To dream that you win a prize from a workmate means that you are going to be strongly attracted to a new position at work. To win a sports contest suggests that you will have success in some important matter.

To see the words "winning" or "win win win"  in your dream suggests that for once in your life you were truly happy and content with the sweets of domestic bliss.

In summary, this dream denotes a commonplace but enjoyable lifestyle.


Feelings that you may have encountered during a dream of walking on water…

Happiness. Liked winning in the dream.

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