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Dreaming and meanings Wanting


Wanting something in your dream indicates that you have reached a stage of spiritual development where you have become impatient in your life with the never-ending search of trying to understand who you are. This feeling is often highlighted in your dream. If you want something specifically within your dream, this indicates that your needs are likely to be repressed.


In your dream you may have...



  • Wanted or yearned for something.
  • Yearned for love.
  • Wanted or yearned for food.
  • Wanted water.


Positive changes are afoot if...


  • You get what you want or yearn for.
  • You want or yearn for love and respect in your dream.
  • You receive something equally important to your desires in the dream.


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Detailed dream interpretation...


Feelings of wanting or needing in a dream are often highlighted with intensity. If you are yearning for love or for a lover, this dream indicates that you have chaotic feelings at the moment. Ancient dream dictionaries indicate that yearning for a lover means you are likely to receive a proposal in the near future. If you let the partner know that you are yearning for him or her in your dream, things in your life will be positive. If that partner does not know that you want him or her, it is likely that the partner will never become yours.


Feelings that you may have encountered during a dream of wanting / yearning…

Craving. Greedy. Having strong desires.

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