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Walking on water

Walking on water.

To walk on water in your dream indicates that you need to understand your emotions better.

This dream can also be a sign that you hold a fear that you will be "going under" in connection with your emotions. This dream signals that you have encountered an emotional time recently, finding it difficult to understand people and what lies beneath in regards to alternative motives.


Water can be both a friend and also an enemy. When dreams contain the powerful image of water, it will often create a sense of unease for the dreamer. Raging sea's, lakes without borders or swimming pools in high rise buildings often reflect being out of control of daily life. In a dream, it's important to recognize if you are in control. If it was your choice to walk on water then this means that you are in control of your emotions.

In this dream you may have...


  • Walked on water.
  • Seen others walk on water.
  • Seen Jesus walk on water.


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Positive changes are afoot if…


  • You walked on clear water.


Detailed dream meaning...


The consistency of the water in your dream can make a difference. Muddy water predicts problems with emotions and clear water is positive. What you may find is that during your waking life emotions need to be released. The particular body of water is the portrayal of one's life. To walk on a lake could function as a prompt that steady but very slow improvement in the direction of your own targets is the best plan of action. The ocean is an ominous symbol. To walk on sea water that is muddy means that sadness and depression will follow.

To see Jesus walking on water indicates a passion for life. You adore life tremendously and you need to take advantages that have been given to you. Have a lust for life! To view many people walking on water is a mark for fun summer time occasions - maybe you are planning a holiday? To walk on river water means that you have permitted your feelings to get in the way of your work. On the other hand, it is an sign that you're not questioning your actions or even placing proper thought into these. You're behaving without forethought.

Walking on deep water indicates a desire to produce happiness in your family life. To become Jesus and walking on water shows that an old psychological injury might be stopping you moving forward from possible delight. To sink after you have walked on water warns popularity of the past, especially regarding items that can't be changed.

Feelings that you may have encountered during a dream of walking on water…

Happiness. Worrying. Problems in connection with drowning.


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