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Dreaming about an uncle symbolizes your need for respect from a father figure. The uncle refers to your fear of not being able to master your life and therefore you have the need to always ask others for advice, especially when you have to make decisions. If the uncle in your dream is an unknown person, this foretells possible deceiving actions from strangers.

In your dream you may have…


  • You see your uncle.
  • A person you do not know is your uncle.
  • Your uncle is dead.
  • You kill your uncle.


Positive changes are afoot if...


  • You seek for more independence.
  • You try mastering your life.
  • You had nasty encounter with the uncle.
  • The dream was positive in nature.


Detailed dream interpretation

Seeing an uncle in your dream and speaking to him suggests that you are involved in a family dispute, but also that you should encounter a big amount of money sometimes in the future, but you must be patient to have it. The uncle can also omen some sad news ahead.

Dreaming about your uncle can refer to some problems you are experiencing in a relationship, and that can lead to your temporary alienation. If in your dream you have a misunderstanding with your uncle, this means some of your casual relationships are not fun for you anymore, but also that an illness can occur. If the uncle is dead, this indicates bad enemies are in your entourage.

If you dream of someone being your uncle, this suggests that you are pressed by people in your waking life. If you are killing your uncle in your dream, this omens inheritance ahead. In general, dreaming of aunts or uncles is a sign of good news, such as that you will get money or you will be exposed to pleasant circumstances. Dreaming about your own uncle can portend trouble, sadness, or a difficulty ahead.


Speaking to your uncle in a dream is the omen of quarrels in your family. If you see your uncle on the street, this indicates troubles and dissatisfaction.

Feelings that you may have encountered during a dream of uncle.

Surprised. Content. Amazed. Curious. Enjoying. Happy. Secure. Having fun.

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