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Dream meanings Triplets


What does it mean to see triplets in your dreams?

Dreams are meant to give you guidance, representations and hope. Its presence is nothing less than providing an opportunity to make human lives better which is through the effort of your inner self with the gift of intuition and instincts.


In your dream you may have…

  • Seen triplets.
  • Heard crying triplets.
  • Seeing your wife delivery of triplet.
  • Delivered triplets, if you are a female.

Positive changes are afoot if…

  • You are able to dream of triplets.
  • You hear crying triplets baby.
  • Seen a young woman having triplets babies.
  • A woman giving birth to triplets.

Detailed dream interpretation…

In dream interpretations, babies are considered to be new beginnings. What more if you dream of three babies given birth at once or looking just the same – dreaming of triplets. To dream of triplets is symbolic of attaining success in the least expected field. There are areas in lives when acceptance could be hard and coping with the standards and expectation in that certain field or aspect in life is difficult as well. But success is never impossible if persistence and willed actions is done. To dream of triplets gives you that hope to continue with your undertakings however impossible is the success for it only requires the necessary effort and you will still succeed.

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If you just seemed to hear crying of babies and upon verification they are triplets, this dream foretells putting end to long disputed matters resolved in your favour. This is good news for if it happens, your worries and anxieties over disputes and tainted relationship will be no more.

The dreaming man sees his wife delivery of three healthy babies foretells also of birth to new life. You may have been engaged in an illicit relationship that has been the source of your disagreements and triplets dreams means it has come to an end. Relationships are hard to break since it will also break some hearts apart but if it is better to stop, don’t push yourself too much if it is not the rightful thing to do.

If dreaming is a woman, it means both success and failure. This dream means failure on the aspect of personal affairs but success on your career and businesses.  Since dream is a sort of guidance, let this be a warning for you so that you may be able to put balance on things that you do. Do not overdo on something and neglect the other.

If you are a young woman giving birth to triplets means unusual things will come your way. Just be cautious to avid incidence of unusually bad moments for it may surely cause disappointments and social disapproval. However, if you are a career young woman this gives you success in terms of your career.


For others, dreaming of triplets can also be associated with maintaining balance on events that may happen to you. This serves as a reminder that in all the things that we do, remember to weigh things out before coming up with decisions for it may affect your life greatly.

Feelings that you may have encountered during a dream on triplets…

Honest, happiness, successful, full of emotions, worried, burdened, determined career oriented

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