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Thatch Cottage

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Thatched cottages are present since medieval times. And since most of us has lived in one of those or have at least some part of our lives in them, we have some memories of the place. But not everyone dreaming about a thatched cottage has pleasant encounters. Many have dreamt of thatch cottages at times when they were surrounded with grief and sorrow. Some also relate it to the negativity around them.


In your dream you may have...


  • Ran across the house looking for something special.
  • Repaired the cottage.
  • Had a gathering with friends and family.
  • Installed a new thatch or just sat there looking at it.


Positive changes are afoot if...


  • You are able to meet people who share same experience in real life, this could quench you thirst.
  • The thatch cottage you lived is being demolished, so that new merrier things can be welcomed.
  • A dream reunion turns into an actual event.


Detailed dream interpretation...


If you dream that you are thatching the roof of the cottage, it implies that you are creating a divide between your subconscious and conscious state. You might not want to face issues from your subconscious mind. Even may be doing want to touch some memories, which were bitter.  If in your dreams you are constantly looking at the roof or like spending time in the attic, you may want to provide protection and conditioning to your old or existing house.


Thatched cottages are connected to your memories and often represent your suppressed feelings through dreams. To enter a more harmonically areas of your life, you may go for a makeover of your existing thatched house. If you see yourself climbing the roof of the thatched cottage, it means you may be recognized in the society for your work in the form awards and accolades.


To dream that you are always the top of your cottage, it means you may or are ready to do something that requires courage. If you are able to see a brilliant view from that location, it means you’re working for a bright future.  A leaking thatch in the cottage represents that you may be emotionally attacked. Falling in and around the cottage also implies you are prone to dangers and adversities in life. If you get up unharmed, you might not fall to these failures to a larger extent and will get to fight again for your desires.


Burning anything in the thatched cottage which produces dark smoke means you might hear some unwanted message in nearby future; seeing bright flames on the other hand indicates success. If you mending the thatch of the cottage with some material which quickly perishes means soon you’ll be surrounded by sorrow and discomfort. To see things’ falling in the cottage means you are in doubt of your current position in life may be even frightened with the upcoming.


If you see the roof falling onto yourself, you might get threatened with a sudden calamity. To run repair work in your cottage means you will welcome fortunes in near future. If you see yourself getting indulged in sexual intercourse in a cottage, it may mean that you are opening your insecurities against your enemies and you might even have an untrue companion.



Feelings that you may have encountered during a dream of a thatched cottage...

Pain, sorrow, fear, recognition, assault, death, discomfort, backstabbing.

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