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A table can be viewed as a place of family exchange.

The table or a scene associated with it suggests that we probably need to pay attention to the way we handle our family life. A table is somewhere to eat, it is normally associated with happy family or romantic times. It is normally representative of family times ahead, eating at the table with the family is a dream that is connected with happiness in waking life. For the kitchen table to be featured in the dream means that your interpersonal as well as professional capabilities will be tested shortly.


You may have…

  • Sat at a table.
  • Eat at a table.
  • Watched people eating at a table.
  • Been dancing on a table.
  • Had Christmas dinner at a table.
  • Thanksgiving around a table.
  • Seen a square table.
  • Seen a round table.
  • To see a table full of food.

Positive changes are a foot if…

  • You were having a nice time sitting at the table. e.g. a nice meal.
  • You could see your family at the table.

There should be focus on decision-making and  you are likely to be give a special task shortly.  if your dream featured a round table. If you were eating at a cafe or restaurant table in your dream then this means positive energy in your waking life.

Interpretation of seeing a table…

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The table is normally a place that bears household conferences, and also to pray. Home could symbolize the desire for a more happy life. To dance on a table indicates a celebration in the home life, perhaps a wedding or similar social gathering is on the car. To see a square table means that things are going to be difficult soon. For the table to be full of food means that you will encounter prosperity and happiness in life. As the table is also a place of decision makers it may be because you are worried about making a decision. To watch others meet or eat at a table means that you may have some problems in the future.

A few of the encounters which we must undergo in life can sometimes be distressing or difficult.

When we cannot understand what's going on and don't utilize it included in the development all of us undergo. To dream of a large or long table at a celebration, such as a party or family gathering can often give an indication as to how the dreamer feels about family relationships. For instance, if in the dream you see someone giving a speech at a table this means that people think highly of you in waking life. On a subliminal level the dreamer is always looking for someone to complement him or herself, so maybe your confidence needs a boast! To see conflict or arguing at the kitchen table means that there will be some minor troubles in the family shortly. To eat at a table with people that you dislike in waking life means that you need to move on and forget about those people.

Feelings that you may have encountered during a dream of a table...

Celebration, enjoying the time at the table, liking the food, happiness, worry or arguing.

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