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To dream of a raven is usually a bad omen of betrayal and misfortune and is generally a negative omen for your life.

If you dream of a raven it is usually a bad omen of betrayal, death, misfortune, and hatred. If the raven is flying above you that is a bad omen that you have a bad cloud in a sense hovering over you and you need to watch out. If all you see are raven feathers it is a bad omen that you will be betrayed and there is no way of you knowing by whom, and you seriously need to watch out.


In this dream you may have...

  • Ravens.
  • Indian carved raven.
  • Found a dead raven.
  • Raven feathers.
  • Shot a raven.
  • Talked to a raven.

Positive changes are afoot if…

  • You are sick, as you will be feeling better.
  • You will get wise in some things.
  • You become clever.
  • Are guided by the raven spirit or a raven totem.

Detailed dream meaning...

The raven was known by Indians to be a sign of healing, so if there is something to do with Indians in this dream as well then that is a good omen that you or someone close to you will be heals for either a long period of time or just a short relief of that sickness. The Indians also believed them to be wise and clever creatures, so it could also mean that you will be wise and/or clever about some issues in your life.

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If you see a dead raven, then you have or will defeat the things that will come up in your life, and no one will put you down or betray you. If there is only one dead raven and others are around it, then you will have only defeated one problem and you need to still be on guard for anything to happen and you need to watch out.

If the raven is following, be very cautious of people at work, for reason of them undermining you or throwing you under the bus to get your job or prevent you from getting the job you want. If it a couple ravens then that could mean betrayal in your relationship and you need to also be cautious of your significant other. Ravens are not to be trusted in almost any situation, and if it keeps repeating itself you need to look into the people in your life even more closely. You are likely to find someone or something is not what it seems.

This dream is in association with the following scenarios in your life...

  • Job promotion.
  • Fears of unfaithfulness.
  • Getting sick.
  • Being hurt.

Feelings that you may have encountered during a dream of a raven…


Sick. Relief. Fear. Hurt. Betrayed. Guarded. Anxious.

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