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A dream of parrots suggests that someone is talking behind your back - it is a sign of gossip.

In the life of the dreamer, this represented by the chatty tongue of the parrot.


As parrots tend to mimic what is said by others this is associated with people talking about you. In this dream, you may be confronted with issues that you didn’t know about because the parrot is repeating it.

When one sees a parrot in a dream there are backstabbers in your life who mean you harm.

This dream is meant to warn you not to be too trusting to those who are taking advantage of you. This tends to come up in a situation when one is overly giving. This is not the healthiest way to develop relationships and so when you have a dream of this nature it is your mental teachers and guides telling you that there is another way of being that will bring you more satisfaction.

This is the point where you are being told that you need to focus on how you can give the same amount of love which you have been spreading to others so you can gain self-respect and stop giving away all of your money and time to those that do not appreciate you.

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In this dream, you may have...

  • Found a parrot incessantly chirping in your ear from a roost on your shoulder, showing your inner compass and voices nagging at you about a situation you are avoiding.
  • Found yourself in a room full of parrots that are all talking at once.
  • Discovered a parrot who sounded exactly like you, parroting advice at you left and right rather annoyingly.
  • Felt the need to kill all of the parrots in the room, as a result of feeling completely pent up in your work/home life. It’s time for a break!

Positive changes are afoot if…

  • You did not kill the parrots, but instead opened the window and allowed them all to fly away.
  • You had a polite conversation with the Parrot detailing why it is better for each of you to communicate nicely with one another.
  • You found yourself in a room of gorgeous Parrots who didn’t speak at all, but who just looked at you knowingly.
  • You felt that the Parrot had something to offer you in terms of advice and so you listened carefully.


Detailed dream meaning...


When one sees a parrot in their dream this is also a sign that you have to deal with some relatively obnoxious events, people or experiences in your life. There are people that are repeating themselves to you unnecessarily.

This is what happens in the office life, bullying someone because of boredom and to excite one’s life, to start to attract or have a more interested world. Therefore, be aware of bullies! Try to find past-times that are interesting and adventurous. It is a necessity to get out and have a good time in social environments which are not part of the normal routine.

This dream is in association with the following scenarios in your life...

  • Stressful work relationships.
  • Bitterness or jealousy.
  • Gossip in your work/relationships.
  • Not knowing who to trust.


Feelings that you may have encountered during a dream of a Parrot...


Jealousy. Betrayal. Uncertainty. Anger. Wisdom. Discussion. Fruitfulness. Abundance. Clarity. Removing obstacles. Understanding. Happiness. Worry. Certainty.

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