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Paper Bag.

To dream of a paper bag shows that there is much undisclosed information in your waking life.

Possibly a person might be holding back crucial information. White paper bags represent material wealth. If it is empty then this means you need to make a new start. To find a brown paper bag in your dream, indicates your own desire to move forward in your life. You should focus on getting more communicative in waking life. To see a collection of paper bags in your dream, denotes responsibilities in life. This can also be connected to possible anxiety.


In this dream you may have...

  • You buy something that is in a paper bag.
  • The paper bag is used to suffocate you.
  • Someone lifts the paper bag over your head.
  • The paper bag is blank.
  • The paper bag has a logo on it.

Positive changes are afoot if…

  • The paper bag contains something important.
  • The bag blows away.
  • Whatever is in the bag is uncovered.

Detailed dream meaning...

If paper bags were blowing over a road this means that you will be needing to cope with possible delays in life. If the bag in your dream is full of a product it signifies the duties that you carry in waking life, maybe you have been having many responsibilities. When the bag is ripped or perhaps falls open on the floor this indicates that you are encountering a lot of stress.

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To see a paper bag filled with rubbish, signifies that you have too many with worries as well as problems; you have to find an easy way of unloading your problems. If a paper bag is put over your face in a dream this means that you will come from a family of spiritualists. This can also mean you are irresistibly drawn to occult work.

To see a damaged or crumpled bag implies the potential in life is going to be limited. It also indicates that something regarding work may come to a close. It is important to discover what this symbol can me in connection with your career. To see a bag closed and not able to open means that a hidden symbol will present itself, in regards to an opportunity. 

A papers bag dancing in the wind is really means that you may have denial in rather undesirable situations. Perhaps you have been over spending recently and do not want to look at the credit card bill! Carrying a paper bag in a dream symbolizes somebody who who cares deeply for their family. To see a paper bag containing food means a charitable event will present itself soon. In a dream, a grocery bag means very good news. If the bag carries fruit or eggs, it signifies cash and income. A grocery store bag can also mean great holidays or perhaps alerts. For the paper bag to carry cooked food means that you need to discover your true self. 

This dream is in association with the following scenarios in your life...

  • Great news is on it's way if it is a grocery bag.
  • If carrying fruit or eggs - cash or income is on the way.
  • A damaged bag means limitations.
  • Open bag - things are positive.
  • Closed bag - secret dealings.
  • If the paper bag contained food or takeaway great things are coming your way!

Feelings that you may have encountered during a dream of an paper bag…

Worry about what is inside the bag. Happiness. Shopping. Angry that the bag was damaged.

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