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A panda eating bamboo

A panda eating bamboo.

To see a panda eating bamboo suggests that you will undergo some emotional upheavals but this will leave you with a sense of calm and emptiness.

The bamboo in this sense is a great positive omen to find in a dream. However, as this is being eaten by a panda indicates the energies freed and directed outwards as well as inwards.



The Panda in a dream is associated with images of the unconscious mind. One must go beyond the myths in order to understand how transformation can occur.



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In the dream, you may…

  • Seen a panda eating bamboo shoots.
  • Been in a zoo.
  • Stroked a panda eating bamboo cranes.



Detailed Dream Interpretation…




A panda featured in a dream generally indicates that worries are going to come to an end. This is an exciting time that should eagerly be sought-after. The panda, in general, indicates a possible difficulty or loss if you see the panda eating a crane of bamboo. The panda itself “eating” is connected to rules and abandonment.



A panda comes across as being a gentle animal. While they look somewhat cuddly the bamboo crane featured in the dream suggests that it is important to communicate with other people. The panda can also represent possible conflict with others and in general shows some difficulty or loss if the bamboo crane is being eaten in a zoo.



To be the “panda” yourself in the dream is a positive omen. Some people do not seek to destroy us they seek to help us. The bamboo in this sense represents a victory.  



A panda symbol in a dream is associated with someone the dreamer is close to who is gentle but also possessive in nature.



In China the bamboo is considered a lucky omen. In Chinese dream dictionaries, the panda eating bamboo is associated with seeing things from other people’s perspectives.



People alive don’t wish to hurt one another but sometimes they argue and seek to destroy other people’s material possessions. The bamboo alongside a panda can suggest that a relationship may take a nasty tone,  but in some sense can also suggest as we have already outlined that despite any adversities in life the dream will overcome and become victorious.



Feelings that you may have encountered during this dream...



Open. Ready. Alive. Victorious. Gifts. Peaceful. Joyous and Energetic.


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