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Mini Van.

To dream of a mini van is a rare dream. Mini vans became popular in the 1980's and ever since they have popular for carrying many people.

 Because these vehicles are common for families, in the dream state they have correlation to family, children, and growth in this area. 


When you see yourself in a mini van (or any kind of vehicle) that is not yours, the representation of the dream is a need for a change. Often, when a minivan is featured in a dream, the meaning is aligned with expansion and in these dreams there is growth coming. This is sometimes related to the birth of a child and can indicate pregnancy or fertility.
If you are trying to have a baby or looking to expand your family, there is a possibility for a new edition. The dream also represents the growth in areas of life and is a representation of fertility. To see a white mini van can be a sign of the expansion of creativity. Either way, it is a positive omen. 
In this dream you may have...
  • Bought a mini van because of having a baby.
  • Purchased a minivan.
  • Drove in a minivan.
  • Sold a minivan.
  • Took a road trip.
  • Had sex in a minivan.
  • Escaped in a minivan.
  • Moved your home using a minivan.
  • Went on holiday in a minivan.
Positive changes are afoot if…
  • Purchase a minivan for the growth of family and are happy about it.
  • Went on an adventure or long road trip (see journey)
Detailed dream meaning...
Vans, trucks and other vehicles, are often representations of change in life. They are also associate with sexual feelings.Having sex in the mini van shows that one is desiring closeness but you are unable to get what you want. Having sexual fantasies in association with the mini van indicates a need for more intimacy in life - this needs to be a priority. This would be a good time to focus on improving life - before problems arise. 
To dream of a journey is a classic representation of the steps in life and the processed steps that we go through. Dreaming of a journey in a mini van is another representation of the desire of space and room. If the mini van is full of people and the trip is pleasant  (whether the trip was with family, friends, or associates) this dream is associated with a good working environment. To dream of a long road ahead indicates a lasting connection with these people. You may not even know the people in the van with you, but it still shows that there is this importance of them in your life. 
Using a mini van to escape or avoid something in a dream means that someone is trying to give you advice. To drive dangerously in a mini van indicates that you are hiding your true self. You have a decision to make to clear your own consciousness. 
This dream is in association with the following scenarios in your life...
  • Feeling guilty.
  • Going on a journey.
  • Sharing events with friends.
  • Growth.
  • Positive expansion and creativity.
  • Pregnancy / Fertility.
Feelings that you may have encountered during a dream of a minivan…
Growing. Foolhardy. Excited. Scared. Afraid. Nervous. Worried. Speedy. Abundant. Adventurous. 

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