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Mind Reading

Mind Reading.

Mind reading featured in your dream is associated with wealth.

A telepathic communication between two people has received the name of “Mind Reading” and by some has been regarded as something not quite within the class of real telepathy. To dream of telepathic communication signifies our very own personal assets - whether material or spiritual - and the possibility of success. In certain dreams, if you are reading someone's mind then this is associated with our sexual urges in waking life - you wish to control situations around you.


In your dream you may have…

  • Been reading other people's mind.
  • Had your mind read by someone or something.
  • Seen an alien who tried to communicate with you telepathically.

Positive changes are afoot if…

  • You were reading other people's mind.
  • An alien was reading your mind.

Detailed dream interpretation...

Mind reading is associated with how we value ourselves and our own resources in life. For this to show up in dreams indicates that we have to that value people carefully, and perhaps to understand our actions and needs better. The dreamer's existence may not be all it seems. To dream of attending an event and seeing magic performed or "mind reading" on stage, means that you wish to flaunt your material possessions. To dream that an alien communicates with you in your dream means that you need to listen to your inner voice to find the hidden answers in life.

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