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market dream meanings


A market is a place to exchange goods, buy goods or simply meet people.

In the dream state the market is a sign of prosperity. You could have found yourself in an outside market, an indoor market or even working in a market. The dream meaning is dependent upon the details. For the market to be well-stocked is associated with abundance and success. If the food or products was of poor quality in the market this means that you must try something new in life. To buy goods at the market means that you need to learn how to engage with other people.


In your dream you may have...

  • Walked through a market.
  • Bought products at a market.
  • Had food at the market.

How this will effect your life...

  • Use your inner strength for stimulation.
  • Resist any hasty decisions.

Detailed dream interpretation...

If you dream of buying goods or maybe even buying food at a market this dream means that you will prefer to reflect on an image you created. You are struggling to buy something in your dream, and you cannot find it in the market is a reminder that you may not be able to afford to relax for long. To dream of a market place which is vacant or empty means that you will try to reflect on the good things in life. To dream of buying something from the market means that you may have overlooked your options.

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If you dream of walking through a busy market this suggests that you have a great business idea, it is time to go to market. Maybe you should promote yourself. To dream of being lost in a market suggests that one needs to make modifications to improve life. If you dream of fruit in a market means that it is a sign of a new start.

To see an unwelcoming market in your dream signifies depression and also gloominess. There's a void in your own life. When the market is huge or perhaps well-stocked, then it means choices in life.

Feelings that you may have encountered during a dream of a market...

Embarrassed. Astonished. Confident. Happy. Worried. Upset. Ashamed. Proud. Surprised.


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