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Map .

Are you feeling confident that all the decisions you are taking in your life is going to bring you nearer to your goal?

This mental state may give you the map dream where you may see a map having distinct destinations and directions marked on them. It signifies that you are taking the correct decisions and proceeding on the right path towards achieving your goal in life.


If the map seems unclear or indistinct, then it is possible that you are unclear of what plan of action you should adopt in order to reach the point in life you want to reach so badly.

In a map dream you may see…

  • A Map having distinct roads, destinations marked clearly.
  • A map which has definite patterns.
  • A map where the markings are difficult to make out.
  • A map with drawings.
  • A map with faces and figures.
  • A map having travel lines.
  • A hand drawn map.
  • A map showing a collection of dreams. 

A map dream can be interpreted as...

Seeing a map in your dreams means you are trying to figure out the way to a better life. If you see a hand drawn map in your dreams, it means that the steps you are taking to reach your goals are finalized yet and may change any moment. As it is very easy to change the lines of a hand-drawn map, the map in your dream is as temporary as the decisions you are taking.

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If you see a map with bold lines, directions and destinations, it means you are feeling confident of the way in which you are proceeding to reach your goal.

If the map contains definite patterns, it means that your decisions have reached a definite formation and cannot be erased or changed easily.

If the map in your dreams is difficult to read or seems indistinct, then it stands for the fact that you are not sure of which way to proceed or what steps you need to take in the quest for the correct path to the betterment of your life.

If there are figures and faces in the map you are seeing in your dreams, it means you are confident of taking the people shown in the map into confidence. It signifies that you have selected these people to accompany you on your journey. 


Travel lines in the map you see in your dream signify that you have decided on milestones on your path to achieve your objectives. The milestones get reflected in the map and show up as travel lines.

When you see a map showing a collection of dreams, it means the dreams of acquiring certain items in your journey of success in life are shown in the map. The dreams you already have in your subconscious mind get shown on the map of your dreams.

A map dream may leave you satisfied if whatever you see in the map reflects the same things you wish for. The map dream can leave you in an unsatisfied state if you are not able to see the map properly or are not able to read it correctly.

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