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Are you seeing mannequins taking a center stage in your dreams?

Then, you are trying to project yourself as the fittest candidate for some situation in real life. You are seeing the mannequins in your dreams as extensions of yourself.


Are you feeling left out while the action is on its full swing and everybody else is busy doing something or another? This condition may cause anxiety and you may have the mannequin dream.

In a mannequin dream you may see the following….

  • The mannequins are trying to talk to you.
  • There are too many mannequins around you.
  • The mannequins are forcing themselves on you.
  • The mannequins are following you everywhere.
  • Mannequins are dressed to do some work but not doing anything at all.

Some of the positive things you may see in a mannequin dream are…

  • You are able to understand what they are saying.
  • You are feeling satisfied by having the mannequins around you.

Interpretations of the mannequin dream…

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Are you feeling that you are out of depth in a particular situation? Do you find that the people around you are busy with their assignments and not noticing you. You might be feeling being left out of important discussions or decisions be it at home or be it in the office. You may have the feeling that everybody is going about doing their work without giving you and your presence a thought.

Seeing a mannequin in your dream signifies that due to some reason or the other, you have been relegated to such a role in your family affairs, that you have become a mere spectator with no voice of your own.

As you sincerely want to be noticed, the indifference is increasing the anxiety inside you. You may feel that people are ignoring you on purpose. You feel like you are totally unimportant to whatever is going on. You feel that you do not have a very active role to play in your current affairs. The feeling of being left out on purpose is a status when you have the mannequin dream.

You may see the mannequins trying to say something to you in the dream, but you are not able to make out or hear what they may be saying. It means that you are not sure of yourself and the mannequins are trying to help you correct your situation.


The mannequins in your dream may be dressed up for something but are not doing anything exactly. It signifies you are ready to do whatever job comes your way, but unsure of how to proceed.

You may have a mannequin dream where the mannequins are appearing wherever you are going. This may be a situation where in your subconscious mind you have a suspicion that you are being shadowed, stalked or followed. 

A dream may occur where you see the mannequins are trying to overpower you. This mannequin dream signifies that you are under a huge mental stress where somebody is forcing you to do something against your wishes.

Your mannequin dream may have mannequins which are wearing dresses you do not like at all. It signifies that you are unsure of your looks and how you should be dressed for the occasion.

You may have a mannequin dream where the mannequins are crowding around you. This mannequin dream signifies that you are feeling suffocation due to the overwhelming presence of the people around you.


A mannequin dream may leave you listless and tired, wondering what had gone wrong.

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