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Mango dream meanings


Seeing the fleshy mango fruit in your dream may be an erotic symbol for the state of mind you are in.

When hoping or dreaming of beginning a new relationship (whether sexual or something more) there is a chance that you might have a mango dream where you may see yourself sharing a mango fruit with the person with whom you would like to begin a relationship.


You may feel a passion for somebody, but you are unable to express it to that person. The suppressed passion may act as a stimulant for your mango dream where you may find yourself savoring the fleshy sweetness of the mango fruit.

The possible scenarios in a mango dream may be…

  • You are having a sweet and fleshy mango fruit.
  • You are sharing a mango fruit with somebody else.
  • The mango fruit you are having does not feel tasty.
  • The mango you are having is suddenly taken away from you.
  • You are looking at a mango fruit hanging from a tree.

Some of the good things that your dream may have…

  • You are enjoying the mango fruit.
  • The mango you are having tastes good.

The mango dream may have the following interpretations……

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Mango is a fleshy fruit which is sweet when it is fully ripe and gives the utmost satisfaction when it is eaten. Eating a mango in dream signifies that you are having sweet fantasies about a person. When you see a mango being shared by you and that person in your dream, it means your relationship with that person is on solid ground.

The sweetness which is experienced while having a mango in the mango dream can mean that your mood is cheerful. It also signifies that you are optimistic about something and having a sense of relief regarding the matter.

The mango dream stands for sexual desires also. Having a mango dream means you want to have sexual designs on somebody else. The mango dream also signifies the lust you may have in your subconscious mind for a particular person. Wanting to have a mango in your mango dream signifies that you are craving for the sweetness of the person to be yours only.

You may dream of a mango being suddenly taken away from you. This signifies that the sweet relationship you are having with a person may be on the verge of breaking up.


In your mango dream, you may find that the mango is over ripe, has become rotten, or it does not taste sweet. This signifies that the relationship which you have so passionately built is slowly going sour. If the fruit is not too far gone, such as being mushy but not rotten, this is a sign that your relationship can be salvaged. There is now work to be done and putting things off are not recommended.

Seeing a sweet juicy mango fruit hanging from the branches of a tree has the meaning that you are craving for something that is hard to get in real life.

The mango in your dream may be a pun for “Man Go” meaning that the relationship you are trying to build up is not working and your subconscious mind is telling you to walk away from this relationship which is not healthy at all.

If the mango in your dream tastes sweet, then the resultant state of mind also becomes sweet. Your sweet mango dream will be satisfactory and you will have good sleep after the dream. But if you have a dream where the mango does not taste sweet or it is taken away from you or it seems rotten, there is a high chance that you may wake up from your dream with a bad taste in your mouth.

Feelings that you have when you dream of mango...


Great. Loved eating the mango. Happy to eat the mango. Unable to eat the mango. The mango was mushy.

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