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Make Up

Make Up.

The meaning of a dream about makeup is focused on hidden feelings.

A dream about makeup signifies the need to conceal yourself from the world. It indicates that one is promoting their best features - in the eyes of others. It signals that one is trying to hide his real face and appearance, putting forward an artificial look for everybody.


In your dream you may have…

  • Seen yourself putting on makeup.
  • Worn too much makeup.
  • Trying to cover up your flaws.
  • Seen a man putting on makeup.

Positive changes are afoot if…

  • The dream is a symbol maybe trying to tell you it is time to “make up” with someone you have not been in touch with.
  • Time has come to forgive and forget.
  • Putting on makeup means your honest, sincere, genuine and truthful but you hide from people in life.
  • The dream may be symbolizing that you are trying to improve your confidence and boost your  assurance and self reliance.
  • Putting on makeup may signify that you are trying hard to make an impression on others.

Detailed dream interpretation…

On the whole, dreaming of makeup is associated with hiding your true appearance from everyone or trying hard to conceal your real self from people. It usually means that a person is trying to veil an aspect of his or her personality which they are afraid of, or doesn’t want to show anyone. It is an indication that one is putting themselves first.

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To dream of makeup is usually related to representing yourself, even making an impression on others. It may be reflecting your wish to make yourself interesting, attractive and appealing to people. Dreaming of wearing too much makeup is associated with attempts to make a good impression ahead which indicates that you are not being yourself and trying to fake it! It may also signal that you are trying to hide your flaws and a lack of self-confidence.

When the dream is about “making up” with someone, it means the right moment has come for you to forget the past and to begin a fresh start with somebody by forgiving them. It may be a symbol for you to “make up” with people you are not acquainted with for a long time.

One positive aspect of dreaming of makeup is that you are trying to enhance self confidence, self reliance, independence and self belief and you are looking forward for improvements in yourself. It may be symbolizing that your attempts to boost your confidence and poise would not go in vain and your efforts will pay off one day, giving you a hope of increasing acceptance.

To dream about wearing makeup like a clown suggests that you are laying much emphasis on your outer appearance - rather than improving yourself from the inside.


Feelings that you may have encountered during a dream of makeup…

Magnificence, attractiveness, secrecy, concealment, charm, fascination and lure.

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