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If you dream that you are a maid this means that you have a lack of confidence in your own strengths.

You wish you could do something to improve your self esteem. This might be related to a trauma in childhood, when the ones near you did not give you credit to do something by your own. Here the maid is like a healing agent, meant to put all things in your life in order.


There are different types of dreams involving maid…

  • You as a maid.
  • Dreaming your own maid.
  • Dreaming a maid and not having one in real life.
  • Someone from your family is a maid.
  • A maid from a total different period of time.

Interpretations of the dream of a maid…

If you dream that you are a maid it means that you will find a female pleasant company. Still, you might dream something you wish to happen between you and your maid or a different end for something that has happened and did not go as you wished to.

To see yourself have a maid in the dream state, and you do not have one in real life is a sign that you are unhappy with your accomplishments in regards to finances. Or, it might be a sign that you will lose a contract or something that was meant to bring you money. The maid is featured in your dream, because it is time to realize that not everybody must pay attention to your actions if you want to succeed in life and in your career.

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If someone from your family is your maid in your dream than it means that he/ she is too involved in your personal life. You have allow that person to interfere in your decisions and you might want to do something about it. The person is well intended but even so, you will have more to lose than to win out of this “forced” intervention.

If you dream of a maid from a total different period of time, which is serving in a big castle wearing her impeccable uniform than this is a sign you do not fit in the environment you are presently living. Either someone is too involved in your life or you are ignored completely by the ones you care about and you feel the need to go to a place where you can just be yourself. You know you can handle every situation that requires decision making but you feel that you are not given the trust you deserve.

Feelings that you may have encountered during a dream of a maid...
Astonished. Confident. Happy. Proud. Upset. Surprised. Content.


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