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Dreams can have interpretations that are very similar.

The majority of dreams are connected to our hidden desires or our life experiences. Dreaming of a magnet, for example, may signify your need to draw more people around you, the need to feel protected or to have someone to rely on.


Dreams that involve magnets can be varied, such as...

  • Holding a magnet.
  • Someone else holding a magnet.
  • Magnets stuck on you.
  • Seeing a magnet.
  • Repeating dream about a magnet
  • Selling/ buying magnets.

What these dreams really mean...

If you dream that you are holding a magnet then you will gain some advantages in real life by using the connections you have. The power of attraction of the real magnet is apparent but in your dreams this attraction is not related to physics and is instead referring to people that one can gather around them. Of course, having a lot of people around does not always means that you are lucky, but when dreaming something like this, the people around you will definitely lend a hand when you are in need.

If you dream that someone else is holding a magnet in his hands this is a sign of betrayal from his part or from someone close to you. You do not have to blame the person you dreamt of but it would be good for you to pay attention to the people surrounding you.

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If you dream that you have magnets stuck on you and  you can not get away from them, it might mean that you have a vicious way of life. You have a guilty conscience and you want to do something to change your lifestyle but you can’t. This kind of dream could be interpreted as more of a nightmare which unfortunately reveals the reality, the nightmare is your real life. It might be a sign that you have to do something to change it.

When you just see a magnet in your dream it means that you are analysing your accomplishments up to this specific moment of your life. The magnet might stand for your lifes routine, it might refer to your friends and how you interact with them or how you socialise with foreign people.

If you happen to have the same dream about a magnet stuck on you or just with it around you, than this means you have someone in your life who is really in love with you. Whether the magnet is on you or you just see it, the interpretation is the same. Still, if you willingly hold the magnet, you will sooner or later positively answer to that person’s feelings. Being afraid of the magnet in the dream means that in real life you are avoiding that person and that you are not meant to be together.

If you dream of yourself as being a sales person who buys or sells magnets than it means you are a really hard working person. You wish to make progress in your career and are doing your best to earn a good living.


Among the feelings that are involved when dreaming of magnets are confidence, determinacy, seduction, trust, lack of control, betrayal and of course attraction to something or someone.

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