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Depending on the emotion the dreamer felt during the dream of maggots, they point to a lack of negativity, enthusiasm, or close ties.

It reflects our feelings of being extra cautious not only in the dream but in reality also.


Maggots are commonly described as soft (legless) larva of a fly that often feeds on decomposing matter. This dream is generally indicative of negative influences in the waking world. It is a sign that you are feeling hopeless or purposeless. Rather than seeing active results, things in your life are not coming to fruition like one hoped. It suggests issues that you have long been repressed from one’s conscious and unconscious mind. To see white maggots mean something is bothering you. To dream of eating a maggot symbolizes a bothersome issue that is playing on your mind - you wish to shrug this off in real life.

You may dream of…

  • Stepping on a bed of maggots.
  • Observing maggot.
  • Creeping and hovering maggots.
  • Seeing a dead body.
  • Rotten meat.
  • Fishing.
  • A crime scene investigation.

Positive changes may happen if…

  • You clean away the maggots.
  • You were bravely walking through maggots, even though you may be scared or disgusted.
  • You were fishing – using maggots.

Detailed dream interpretation...

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Dreaming of maggots symbolizes one’s anxiety and the negative behaviours or actions. This is a call for your attention to look at one’s inner motives. It includes negative attitudes and thoughts that one culture’s themselves. Dreaming of a maggot is considered to be rather negative in interpretation.

To fish with maggots means that you may shed all that is not needed in your life, but the message is that there may not be anything to replace the old with: not yet, anyhow. This maybe your opportunity to start with a clean slate and begin to think what will make you happy in life.

While in some dreams it can be positive when maggots eat away at dead or rotting flesh and renew or restore, usually this is not the case. This dream gives you a sense of ignored issues that you need to treat since they will start to totally surface and they will probably result in possible problems in your life.

Maggots on dead bodies in the dream are ones subconscious mind being fearful of death. This can also be interpreted as absence of peace - both spiritually and emotionally, which is brought about by unresolved issues. The dreamer needs to seriously evaluate oneself in terms of attitude, relationship, perceptions, decisions and commitment. If ignored, feelings may result into creating possible harmful situations.


To dream that you step on maggots or a bed of maggots suggest that you are harboring negative feelings against someone or something but you chose not to admit it in the real world. Why? for fear of criticism. Stepping on maggots in a dream (especially if they crunch) indicates that there are thoughts and behavior you strongly repress. This is indicative of regret and guilt which you need to confront before it eats you up and find you being detached from the people around you.

To see maggots sucking on your body or any meat for instance means that there is someone who is close to you who drains you of success. This person has little thought of personal hard work or being industrious. It is time for you to tell them to invest in their own skills or resources.

On the brighter side, stepping on maggots is indicative of one’s resilience and persistence to protect themselves from adverse event’s. This can be a sign of going through something that is intense or difficult and persevering or coming out on top.

Maggots in dreams also suggest one is hoarding negative emotions, and other people which one should not opt to divulge. Getting rid of maggots in a dream means that you have a desire to exercise communication and be open with others, especially those in which you feel spiritually or emotionally close to. This is a dream of cleansing or being healthier on an emotional level. Do not fear being criticized or feel guilty of negative feelings. The long term outlook of a dream of maggots is rather positive.

Feelings that you have when you dream of maggots...


Filthy, unhealthy, nervous, scared, ugly, dead, dying, worried, sick, angry, or cautious.

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