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Seeing a machine in a dream could mean anything.

The meaning could be a representation of a person making life-size decisions without even giving it a thought and undertaking a mechanical approach towards life.


In your dream you may have…

  • Seen yourself undertaking a project with a machine.
  • Seen an old piece machinery.
  • Observed yourself caught up in machinery.
  • Seen a working and functioning mechanism.
  • Seen a broken machine.
  • Seen a fire engine.
  • Seen yourself diving in a fire engine.

Positive changes are afoot if…

  • Machinery in need of a repair suggests positive amendments in your life.
  • Seeing corroded machinery signifies an archaic way of performing a task.
  • The final results of intellection with the machinery were good.

Detailed dream interpretation…

People who see machinery in their dream often develop the feelings of anxiety, nervousness, apprehension and edginess. To dream of machinery frequently results in taking up a project or a task which will give you the emotions of anxiety and uneasiness in the beginning, but ultimately will conclude in something way better than you had imagined. There are many ways in which an individual can see machinery in his dream.

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Normally a dream of machinery suggests that the person has been making life-size decisions without thinking much and is not giving the required time to verify his judgments. Being mechanical is somewhat a mind-numbing and tiresome approach towards life. On the contrary, it is also symbolized to be associated with your thoughts, perception and mind.

Often seeing old machinery relates to your enemies and rivals, giving a warning to take up a cautious approach towards them as they could again strive to ruin your reputation, status and name in a manner. It could be taken as an optimistic dream as it only warns you about your rivals and their actions that could harm you in the near future.

Many people have observed themselves to be entangled in machinery in their dream. Unfortunately this dream trails sorrow, discontent and disgruntlement along with it. It could only mean to be an indication of something alarming coming in your way, possibly your business or a new deal with someone. It cannot be associated to be carrying presage of happiness, bliss and contentment. It is an omen that a series of misfortune and hardship is about to come in your path and will soon approach to make you suffer intense losses and serious injuries in your life.

People who have dreams about an out of order machinery that severely needs repair and maintenance recommends that we need to patch up our relationships and fix ourselves by repairing our personalities, self esteem and sense of self.


Often dreaming about lots of machines indicates that the person will undertake chain of measures and actions that will incite troubles and dilemmas initially, but eventually it will result in something extremely positive and useful for you by the opportunistic support of your family and friends.

Dreaming about a broken machine, a fire engine or seeing yourself diving in a fire engine is again something to worry about as it incites the feelings of fear, panic and fretfulness in you. It is an emblem of losses, failure and disappointment. Nevertheless being optimistic in life could get you through these feelings and harsh time gradually.

Feelings that you may have encountered during a dream of machinery…

Anxiety, fear, nervousness, uneasiness, cautiousness, and a feeling that its time to bring about those changes in life.


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