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Lucid Dreams

Lucid Dreams.

Lots of people don’t understand lucid dreams.

So what does this mean? It's when we are aware of what we are dreaming and then go on to amend this dream. It is common to everyone that they accept lucid dreaming and then begin to use this state for their own advantage.


Lucid Dreaming - what is it all about?

These dreams generally happen when the body is in a state of deep dreaming. Some lucid dreaming, who try to manipulate these dreams follow a process of self-hypnosis. Here is some advice on how to ensure that you can start to begin to influence your dreams:

01. Imagine you are on a hill and below is a beautiful countryside scene.

02. Take a deep breath and blow away all your worries and troubles, completely forget about all the things in your life and focus on the countryside scene.

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03. As you keep breathing you go deeper and deeper into consciousness, Think about how your dreams could help you with any problems that you may have in your daily life, for example if you have a burning question that needs answering – ask if this can be answered in your dreams.

04. Now imagine you are standing in the garden of a lovely country house with a thatched cottage and perfect gardens with an array of flowers. The sky is light blue without a cloud in the sky. At this point you may drift into sleep and if so, then go with it.

05. Now imagine that the door of the cottage has opened and you see a set of steps which leads down to a secret garden. There are ten steps in total that go downstairs and that you count down from 10 to 1 when you hit number 1 it is time to make sure that you are asleep or in deep relaxation and this point.

06. This is a walled garden, like the garden in the book of the secret garden and holds the most beautiful birds, smells and feeling of total tranquillity. The grass is pruned as you absurd the stillness of the garden.


07. As you fall off to sleep you have a dream, you tell yourself that you will have a lucid dream, a lucid dream in which you can control the events and maybe even find the answer to a question that you have wanted an answer to.

This exercise will give you the opportunity to be able to control your dreams, just as you are doing at step seven of the process. When your unconscious mind realises that you are in this state of lucid dreaming you will become aware of the limitations and possibilities that the lucid dreaming will offer you in your life.

Whether that will be helping you solve a problem or enable you to control your dreaming at all times. We will discuss actual example lucid dreaming later on but for now you now have the tool to go into yourself and actually begin to take control and use your dreams to open doors to answers and topics that may be bothering you. From now on you will find it easier to sleep because you know that you will be able to control aspects that you don’t feel comfortable with.

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