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Fox in dreams


Dreaming of a fox is not always a good omen, but rather a sign of unpleasant events. For example, you could be in danger if you dream playing with a fox.


If you see a fox passing by you, it means you have some enemies that you are not yet aware of. The dream foretells successful outcome only if the fox is dead.


A fox is a negative sign in a dream. It is considered the symbol of abomination, lies, and deceptions. If a girl or a woman dreams of a fox, it means an exposed secret, or that another woman does not fully trust her, focus is also associated with breaking up of relationships. This is especially associated with single sex relationships so would apply to friends or family.

A fox that is being chased which appears in the dreams of women can show that there is a rival in love. To hear the fox’s scream in a dream warns you of danger coming your way. You need to consider changing your residence or the company you spend time with temporarily.

In your dream you may have...

  • Seen a fox pass by you.
  • Had a pet fox.
  • Had a fox follow you.
  • Seen a red fox.
  • Seen a white fox.
  • Played with a fox.
  • Seen a dead fox.
  • Received a fox as a gift.
  • Seen a grey fox.
  • Heard a fox’s cry.
  • Killed a fox.
  • Had a fox attack you.
  • Hunted a fox.
  • Seen a fox with a bushy tail.
  • Fought with a fox.
  • Domesticated or tried to domesticate a fox.
  • Seen a shedding fox.

Positive changes are afoot if...

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  • You are able to escape a fox.
  • You have a pleasant experience seeing a fox.

Detailed dream interpretation...

A fox is normally a sly creature, if this appeared in your dream then there will be an offence that is committed by someone sly. The actual details regarding the dream should be interpreted with the other element's of the dream. A fox is a negative sign in a dream. It is considered the symbol of abomination, lies, and deceptions. If a girl or a woman dreams of a fox, it means that someone is following her in secret, or that another woman or another person thinks about her in a negative way.

A shedding fox, or one with little fur means that you need to lift yourself off the ground and go for a new type of career. To be given a fox as a gift means that you may have a small problem with someone. To play with a fox means that you may be the victim of a minor crime. To escape a fox is a positive omen. To go on a fox hunt, on horses suggests that you are looking for a new challenge in your life.

Seeing a fox in your dream can mean that you are cheated in love, but also persecuted. Holding a foxes tail suggests money loss and stalking. If the fox in your dream has a bushy tail, it is a sign of a person you do not like. Fighting with a fox means you will quarrel with a wicked enemy. Domesticating a fox tells that you are going to love an unworthy person, while a shedding fox means a casual acquaintance.


If in your dream you kill a fox, this foretells unpleasant times, and that you are going to discover new personality traits within. Hunting a fox refers to a person close to you. Receiving a fox from somebody suggests worries, insecurities, and that you are more cunning than your enemy.

1930s dream dictionaries state the following in reference to seeing featuring a fox in ones dream: A red fox refers to a rival in love. Seeing a red fox tells that you will discover that a person close to you has done something to harm you. It could also mean that you will be deceived by women, and that a secret haunts you.

If you dream of a fox attacking chicken's it suggests that you will suffer because of fake friends. To dream that you are fox hunting on foot, or with guns means that you will be invited to a good party pretty soon. Simply seeing a fox in your dream suggests there are people in your life that you should probably not trust fully.

A fox running in a dream means you need to pay attention to rivals and competitors in waking life. You could have friends with a double character, or possible collaborators working on two fronts, lying, witting, and tricking you. It could symbolize the risk of falling into the trap of impostors. You should be careful of who you make friends with and with whom you will do business.

A fox shows that there is someone around you that is sly or cunning, and that you do not have trust in your life at the moment. It can show that you think that your partner is likely to cheat on you.


Feelings that you may have encountered during a dream of a fox…

Cheated. Upset. Hoaxed. Betrayed. Sad. Confused. Sly.

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