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An old tradition says that fish in dreams is a positive symbol. The exception is only the dream displaying a dead fish or a fish that you dropped from your hand, rod or net. This last dream heralds a troubled soul, or a disappointment. If anyone dreams of fishing, this foretells a favorable event. Dreaming of sea fish means winning something and good luck. Large fish predicts that people tend to gossip about you. Small fish represents damage or losing something. If a pregnant woman dreams of a fish coming out of her the body, she will give birth to a baby girl.


In your dream you may have...


  • Seen a fish.
  • Gone fishing.
  • Caught or encountered a very big fish.
  • Caught or encountered small fish.
  • Seen dead fish.
  • Been unable to catch a fish.
  • Seen sea fish.
  • Seen pink fish such as salmon.
  • Seen a white fish.
  • Been eating or preparing fish.


Positive changes are afoot if...


  • You send the fish back after catching it.
  • You see a fish interacting with its environment.
  • You see a big or small fish, as long as it is happy.


Detailed dream interpretation...


If you dream of fish, this generally suggests the emotional side of your character. Each fish has its own individual meaning. If you dream of a salmon or pink fish, this generally symbolizes that you are going to have some important experiences in the near future. If you see a white fish, things are looking positive in regards to your love life.


This dream is also connected with the Zodiac sign of Pisces, in that you can see two fish swimming together. The important symbol of this dream is that the two fish are opposites. Based on this interpretation, the dream suggests there are two aspects of your personality, and you need to be able to improve your self-image. If you are eating fish, including fish and chips, this shows that prosperity is coming your way in the near future. If you are catching fish, it indicates that a good idea will provide you with financial independence.


If you see flying fish, then it is likely you will be able to overcome difficulties in the future. If you dream of a fisherman, you need to be able to take time off in order to rest and relax. If the fisherman is catching fish, it means you need to be patient with others.


Dreaming of fishing and then eating the fish is a sign of an incurable disease in your family or in your group of friends, but it can also refer to an accident. If in your dream you are killing a fish, it is a sign that you will defeat some of your enemies.


Fish means that you are quite disgusted with your life, and it can suggest that something is inhibiting your activities. Catching fish from a dirty lake indicates an obstacle in business created by some important people. Colored fish mean healing the sick. Buying fish refers to greed and illness. Boiled fish means loss, while heavy fish means danger. Trying to catch a fish with your hands suggests sentimental disillusions. A fish in a water stream is the sign of offspring coming in your life soon. A fish swimming at the bottom of water means danger, while one swimming at the surface means wealth.


Catching a large fish is the sign of luck, joy and triumph, but if in your dream you catch it with your bare hands, this is a sign of gossip and mudslinging. If you use a fishing line to catch it, this means represents a jumble of meaningless words.


If in your dream you eat fish, this foretells health, steady income, or winning the lottery. Petting a fish in your dream means you will have to deal with easy women that bring with them prejudices. Lots of dead fish represents sadness, loneliness, poor hope, and that you could be followed by treacherous people.



Feelings that you may have encountered during a dream of fish…

Sad. Lonely. Hungry. Jolly. Content. Inpatient. Cheated.

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Ed's picture

I have recently dreamed twice that I am in the yard of my house and see two large fish lying side by side in the grass. I am not at my present home but at a previous residence of much lesser value. I do not know what kind of fish or if dead. When I go inside to tell my wife about these fish I wake up and do not finish the dream.
admin's picture

That is interesting Ed, I have reviewed the 1920's dream book that I have it it says that fish lying side by side in a dream means new beginnings are coming your way!
Latasha's picture

I had a dream that a orange fish in an aquarium gives birth to several live fish. Some of them are bigger than the parent fish. The parent fish has a large open incision in her belly and is appearing to struggle to live. All her baby fish are healthy.
Robynn's picture

Could you please help me interpret this dream? I feel it's meaning is important! In the dream, my boyfriend and I are staring up at a very large image of a fish made from stars and clouds. I'm fascinated, but so scared at the same time. And that's it! I don't know if there's more..but that's all I remember!
angelique's picture

I had a very vivid dream last night that tinny white, gold, clear fish were coming out of my vagina. I felt scared and disgusted and very frightened and panicked. I woke up thinking it was still real because the dream felt very real but its not. Im just wondering what this could mean? Ive never had this dream before. I always read it could be that im pregnant but thats not possible because im 15 and a virgin. Help?
domi's picture

Howdy I've just has that dream today about a big blue fish, with arms & hands, floating/wandering around the apartment of a friend. That fish had a necklace around the neck & was adorned with a hood made of some light beige material like linen. After a while, it went back to its place, a basket, tall enough to hide it inside.
ia's picture

I dreamt,a family member was preparing a feast of some sort and I wanted to partake in d eating and I was hanging around taking in different sights and smells of food. She then asked my brother if I had been around all (probably a yardstick to see if I deserved to eat) he said yes . Then she brought out a medium sized fish,it was raw n dead but looked delicious and went about cutting it from d head. It was my focal point,guess it was my share of d fish...idk,and I didn't eat d fish in d dream but I felt it was 4 me
Anonymous's picture

Bria renee Fish Dream In my dream I am preparing fish in a bowl of wat started out as mayo but ended up being water. It was raw salmon cut into steaks nd I was trying to mash them up with my hands. Then I added sum raw tuna to the bowl nd was trying to mash them together... Then My dream took a bad turn into a nightmare nd I woke up.
Tonia's picture

I dreamed of 5 or six fish. At least 2 were big and grey and there were 3 little gold fish with bulging eyes. They were swimming in a tank when 2 of the goldfish jumped out and landed at my feet. I tried to pick them up but they were slippery. When I finally picked them up, I rinsed them off and put them back in the water. They were still alive.
Anonymous's picture

Hi my husband had a dream that i that many little fishes inside my arms and they were swimming around but they werent scary. He said they were like sardines. In the dream he tells me the fish are eating your food, thats why you are losing so much weight. Can you help me figure out what this means?
frendy's picture

I have this dream about 5 months ago. I catch the gold fishes from a flowing river with a big net and it looks like a twin. The fishes is big and shiny.
martha 's picture

i recently had a dream i was in a large hotel with lots of windows looking out onto a waterfall. i was with my partner, mother, female friend and an ex boyfriend. all of a sudden a huge monster sizes fish with hands and a mustache burst from the waterfall and landed flopping on a platform below the waterfall. when i woke up from my dream the fish was alive.
Karen's picture

I'm in a room with ny son, we see something flying around th room.We discover it's a beautiful white fish with long fins hanging. We both try to catch it with our hands to put in a bowl. I catch it with my hand we put it in a bowl begins to swim. We are both happy in the dream watching this beautiful white fish swim. Like we saved it and put it in the right environment .
Martin L Bhoompag's picture

I dream't that there is flood water coming near to me and i thought it is going to wash away some areas and i myself got into the water. First i caught a small fish but let it go and happens to catch 5 big(relatively) with my bare hands put them into my shirt later on into a bag taken from some body


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