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Fire dream meanings


This dream generally warns that you need to be aware of a problem in the future. It is time to focus upon your approach to others.

You need self appreciation and self worth in order to manifest money.


There's something amazing happening for you, starting next month. This could be quite a remarkable new start. There is energy being moved to the area of your life, as well as well as uncovering your destiny.

Quite simply this dream indicates that you have been feeling too close to a negative situation.

An open fire is a positive omen. The dream is negative if the fire burned you. There is good news if the fire failed to burn your body. To see a house or building burning in your dream often suggests you will help a friend.

To build a fire is a positive omen, and suggests a loved one will visit you.

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If you poked the fire (with a poker) this indicates that cheerful times ahead. If you jumped over a fire, this indicates a new birth or self-regeneration in life. This dream can sometime suggest that things in your working life are going to be better soon.

To see a camp fire suggests negative problems and denotes anger and resentment towards others. This has recently surfaced. The interpretation of seeing a round fire ring (for example in a circus) shows you have passion someone close.

To see a fire, start a fire or see a fireplace in your dream is positive.

Please note: If your dream involved a fire engine or fire escape, the meaning is all here – just scroll down.


Common dreams...

  • Seeing a house with a fireplace.
  • Putting out or escaping a fire through a fire escape.
  • Seeing a fire engine.
  • Seeing an open fire outside.
  • Seeing a bonfire.
  • Setting fire to something, such as a house or a car.
  • Awakening in a dark room where you are surrounded by a fire.
  • Having the inability to escape a fire.
  • Witnessing a roaring bug fire.
  • Escaping from a bush fire – fire in fields and the scenery.
  • Observing a house or building on fire.
  • Dreaming that you are in hell.

In your dream you may have…

  • Been scared about and worried that the fire may hurt you.
  • Been unable to communicate with others, or warn others about the fire.

Positive changes are afoot if…

  • You build a fire from scratch.
  • The dream involved putting out the fire or escaping from one.

General “fire” dream interpretation….

Carl Jung believed that the fire is representative to our psychological transformation. The flame represents the light that is needed to guide us in life. Jung also thought that the fire signifies a bad temper or an argument between others. The dream of a fire is often a significant omen related to an important event in your subconscious mind, either about security or passion.


The meaning of this dream varies between:

1. A negative omen (a situation will burn you).
2. The omen for action.

If we review the dream in detail, this is normally connected to a carefully correlated event in your life. The flames in the dream may signify the barriers to overcome in regards to your emotions.

If you dream of a small or a weak fire, this dream indicates that you are going to experience happiness in your life. To dream of not being able to start a fire indicates that a work situation should be approached in a diplomatic matter.

If you dream of a fire brigade, you are likely to consult somebody close to you in order to obtain a passion for project, and you don’t seem to have the heart to say no. These passions have become obsessive, and this is important that you can control your temperament in the future. If you notice a fireplace in your dream, this indicates content domestic bliss. If the fireplace fire was out of control, this indicates dangerous or uncontrollable emotions at home.


To dream the fire was cozy is a positive omen showing that you are happy with your life. To see a roaring fire behind a grate shows new hopes after a difficult time are on their way. A dream of a bush fire indicates that your emotions are likely to get out of control. As a bush fire generally moves very quickly, you may find that gossip is likely, and it will spread to all lengths before being stopped by others. If you dream of putting out a fire with water, this signifies that you are going to stop a family fraud. To dream of hiding from a fire foretells that important luck in coming your way, which will help you be self-sufficient for some time (money is on the way). To dream of a candle flame indicates that your hopes of a bright tomorrow are warranted.

If you dream of fire in hell, it shows that you are going to encounter a potentially destructive person in the near future. If you dream that the fire is spreading, this shows that arguments are likely in the future. You are going to have to control explosive personalities and passionate feelings, including the emotions of others.

Fire escape meanings...

To dream of standing on a fire escape or using a fire escape is a spiritual warning in order to guard you against taking a financial risk that may threaten your home and financial freedom. It is important for you to recognize that you must be more organized with your money, so that you can catch things before they get out of control.

Fire engine meanings...

A fire engine is extremely positive and shows luck is coming your way. If you saw the fire engine returning from fire you are going to be disappointed with a salary rise or an amount of money given to you in the near future. If you are traveling in the fire engine, you will have to be more protective over somebody in the future.

Feelings that you may have encountered during a dream of a fire…

Strange. Scared. Creepy. Worried. Frightened. Hurt. Negative. Energetic. Respectful. Emotional. Inescapable. Trapped. Unfulfilled. Contentment.

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