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Fetus dream meanings


Even more than the baby, the fetus evokes the germ of life required to grow in the depths of the dreamer’s soul. The interpretation must not omit the fact that an embryo is the result of a couple’s lovemaking, and therefore its appearance in the dream, especially if hurt or mutilated, suggests a difficulty in this area.

In your dream you may have...


  • Seen an embryo.
  • Seen a fetus.

Positive changes are afoot if...

  • You become more aware of yourself.
  • You pay attention to the spiritual aspect of your life.
  • You let go of any inhibition.
  • You view the fetus on a sonogram.
  • The fetus in the dream is healthy.

Detailed dream interpretation...

To dream of a fetus generally is an indication that you have become aware of yourself and your greater spiritual power. This dream also indicates that you are making yourself aware of a new situation in your life. You are linking back to the point where everything begins and you need to look at the process again, so that you can make sure you make a firm decision in the centre of creation.

A fetus in his mother’s womb appearing in your dream suggests new initiatives and activities that you will soon bring to an end.

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An embryo in your dream is the sign that you are a beginner in a specific activity, but also your desire and frustration because you are not yet taken seriously in your line of work. The embryo can also suggest that you are going to return to a past moment that could tell you more about yourself.

Dreaming of a fetus symbolizes a new relationship about to develop, or an idea that recently has taken off. It is the sign of something creative and your desire to do something else in life. Alternatively, you can express difficulties in certain situations or with some relationships. The fetus in your dream can work as a metaphor for your new career or your new business project. If the fetus is born prematurely or dies, this represents concern about a project or a relationship that will not survive and will soon die.

Feelings that you may have encountered during a dream of fetus or embryo…

Confident. Tired. Decided. Secure. Sure of yourself.


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