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Eyes or Blind.

The eye signifies an important part of your outward physical manifestation. In dreams the eye represents your understanding of your purpose on this earth.

Eyes are associated with spiritual development and this dream relates to the belief that you have the hidden third eye that is trying to communicate with us in some way. The details of the dream can signify different meanings. One of the ways in which the mind can bring hidden matters to our attention is to feature our eyesight.



In this dream you may have...


  • Have seen your own eyes.
  • Been blind.
  • Lost your eyesight.
  • Hurt your eye.
  • Seen your third eye.
  • Seen many eyes.
  • People's eyes were looking at you.
  • Blind animal.
  • Evil eye.


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Detailed dream meaning...


To dream of your own eyes demonstrates a sign of happiness, however if you dream of many eyes then this dream suggests that it is time to meditate and think about what you really would like out of life.

If you become blind or loose your sight in your dream then this can represent a loss of intuition or logic in everyday living. This dream can also show that you have lost something that is important due to being too scared to actually go for it. If your dream involved a blind animal that was helping you then you have close friends around you who will remain loyal to you in the coming months. The eye is focused on inner wisdom. Thus, it has a connection with the power of our inner knowledge. The eye is also a talisman. Loss of eyesight can mean a period of confusion in waking life. To dream of the evil eye means that you need nurturing. Such a dream can mean that someone is not looking on you kindly. To see many eyes denotes that you need to stop rejecting other people's ideas. 

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