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When one dreams about Elvis Presley there are several different kinds of meanings which could be attributed to the current life situation of the dreamer. Firs this can be symbolic of the dreamer being out of sync with the modern day world. This is a sign that you wish that you were back in a more innocent time, one where men and women had roles and everything seemed fresh and new.


Elvis tends to be a representative of that kind of energy, of the time in American history where everyone felt as though they understood what they were going to do and what role they needed to play. When one dreams about Elvis, it is likely that there is a feeling within the dreamer that they have fallen out of step with this kind of energy and they find that they don’t know how to get back into it. This dream is reminding the dreamer that this level of innocence or newness can be found throughout a person’s life and is not always dependent on the work that is completed by other people in the world. The dream is saying that if you want that kind of innocence and flavor in your world, you must make it happen for yourself.


In this dream you may have...


  • Met Elvis in person.
  • Had a wisdom conversation with Elvis about how to gain joy and celebration in one’s life.
  • Saw Elvis die, thereby putting all of your own indulgences in your frontal perspective.
  • Found Elvis’ clothes in your closet, showing your willingness to become a super star, metaphorically speaking.


Positive changes are afoot if…


  • When you met Elvis in person he wanted YOUR autograph.
  • You had a wisdom conversation with Elvis about how to gain joy and celebration in one’s life.
  • Had a burial service for Elvis in which everyone was dressed like him, showing that others want to learn how to find celebration in life too.
  • Decided to become an Elvis impersonator, thus bringing this level of joy into your life in an everyday basis.


Detailed dream meaning...


Dreaming of Elvis can also mean that you are excited about a potential exciting prospect which is up and coming that you are ready to celebrate for. Many people would celebrate when they got to be in the presence of Elvis, so often if he shows up in your dream he is trying to tell you that it is time for you to celebrate. This can also be a warning, because of the way that he died, not to overindulge because sometimes those overindulgences can become so much of a habit that they can do you in at the end of your life. 


This dream is in association with the following scenarios in your life...

  • Boredom.
  • Lack of pizzazz or anything interesting in ones life.
  • Overindulgence.
  • The need to be unique.


Feelings that you may have encountered during a dream of Elvis...

Boredom. Overindulgence. Uncertainty. Self depravation. Inconsistency. Forward motion. Clarity of purpose.

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