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Elastic band

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In dreams, the presence of an elastic band is associated with hidden episodes in your life. This dream suggests that you will find things in waking life falling back into place after slight destruction. This dream suggests that you will feel worries regarding your wellness or a sense of problems in waking life. If you dream of tieing something with an elastic band then this dream indicates that someone in waking life is not letting you feel freedom.


In your dream, you may have...


  • Seen an elastic band.
  • Tied something with an elastic band.
  • Used an elastic band.



Positive changes are afoot if…


  • You were happy in your dream.
  • The dream is positive overall.



Detailed dream interpretation...


This dream shows that you are flexible to adapt to different situations. If you dream of an yellow elastic band then this indicates that in the near future you will have a small change in the work you do. It is likely that you will consider voluntary work in some type of form. The message is clear: your hopes and dreams in waking life are going to be answered through helping others. If the elastic band was surrounding an item e.g. stationary, flowers, or a pile of papers then it is important to consider how helping others will fulfill your ambitions, and true destiny in this world.


Feelings that you may have encountered during a dream of an elastic band...


Anxiety, Contentment, Depression, Femininity, Fear of failure, Pride, Satisfaction.

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