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Eating Raw Meat

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A raw meat dream is a common one for pregnant women. If you are pregnant and having this dream then this is simply your body telling you that you need more iron and protein. If you are not pregnant than the dream still has a health basis. Before you seek for a further interpretation you may want to consider your diet and if you are meeting your nutritional needs. If all of these things are being addressed then the dream of eating raw meat can imply sluggishness, laziness, or desperation in your life. These dreams directly imply a need for nutrition of your spirit, emotions, or life.


In this dream you may have...


  • Eaten raw meat.
  • Been served raw meat.
  • Seen raw meat.
  • Touched or cooked with raw meat.
  • Bought raw meat to eat.
  • Seen old raw meat. (with or without maggots)
  • Been given raw meat.


Positive changes are afoot if…


  • No positive changes are associated with this dream.



Detailed dream meaning...


Meat indicates positive changes in your life, especially in areas in which you are able to provide. It can indicate money and upward momentum at work or essentially, making more money. When you see raw meat in a dream this is a good sign unless you are eating it.


Eating raw meat is a dream about underdeveloped plans or ideas in your life. The act of eating the meat in a raw form, whether you cook it yourself and it comes out undercooked or you are served it, is a sign of not thinking things through. You are likely feeling unprepared for the tasks in your life.


Raw rotten meat is a bad omen for health. This meat should not be eaten and yet in your dream you eat it anyway shows that you are aware of your health issues yet are doing nothing about them. If you have recently been given a diagnosis of sickness then you may want to consider ways in your life that you can improve or work on your health.


Serving raw meat to others and seeing them eat it is a desire for more money. It can also indicate jealousy or envy over someone else’s wealth.


This dream is in association with the following scenarios in your life...


  • Losing money or needing money.
  • Health issues or not taking care of your health.
  • Being unprepared for parts of your life.


Feelings that you may have encountered during a dream of eating raw meat…

Grossed Out. Sick. Unhealthy. Nasty. Hungry. Mean. Sneaky. Unkind.

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