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If you had a dream in which you were eating this suggests that you may feel hungry. In essence the dream was satisfying an urge for food.
If we go back to basics, hunger is a drive to satisfy our needs. To dream of eating may suggest that we are lacking in nutrition in waking life. This dream is common if you are on a diet. The way that you are eating should be taken into account. It is important to think about the food and if this is just eating a meal or if it is a feast.
In your dream you may have…
  • To not eat in your dream.
  • To be starving hungry.
  • Eating cakes.
  • Eating chocolate.
  • Eating a dinner.
  • Refuse food in your dream.
  • Avoidance of food.
  • Being eaten yourself.
  • Being eaten by a wild animal.



Detailed dream interpretation...

To refuse food in the dream means that you are trying to remove yourself from a difficult situation. To dream of eating chocolate means that there is a great deal of potential in your life. A dream of eating too much food can show a lack of security in your life and eating too much all at once may mean that you are trying to take on more than one task at a time. Eating fast food can mean that it is time to stop stressing in your life and that things are going to move forward in life.
To not eat in your dream is means that things are going to be difficult. They may also be urging you to regard some waking problem in the light of your health. A dream of being starving may  suggest that a part of your life needs your focus, as well as practical, attention. A dream featuring eating a dinner or main meal is positive. It means that in the future you will gain everything you wish. To be eaten is a negative omen and suggests that others are trying to control you.
If you are starving hungry this dream indicates that you need to work towards goals in waking life.
Feelings that you may have encountered during a dream of a eating…
Anxiety. Health. Wellness. Freedom. Timidity. Transformed. Pressured. Stable.

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