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To be delighted in one’s dream denotes happiness in waking life. It leaves an imprint of being content for one’s waking mind. Most of the time, dreams about emotions and sentiments often reflect our feelings in real life. To dream of being delighted at the birth of a child signifies a sense of happiness and celebra­tion, or  a freedom of movement and emotion. Perhaps you are feeling pleased about a particular project or relationship. You may also be feeling a sense of freedom from restraint. Other things may also be expressed by experiencing delight.


In your dream you may have…


  • Experienced eternal bliss, joy, enjoyment and calmness.
  • Been “delighted” at the birth of a child.
  • Been “delighted” at passing an exam.
  • Been delighted in regards to a particular event. This shows healthy life affairs ahead. It could be success in business or an event or person concerned with your community.


Positive changes are afoot if...


  • To be delighted at seeing clear deep water: this shows abundance of happiness and joys of life ahead for you. These are some feelings that are rather rare to experience in the dream state.
  • A landscape or place gives you delight: this means success in a position at work.
  • You are delighted at finding love: being with a special person will flourish your associations with him or her.


Detailed dream interpretation…


To be delighted in dreams brings joy, luck, happiness, and satisfaction in waking life. It also denotes joyous events will soon be yours. You just have to grab them if the opportunity presents itself.  


If you dream of having a delighted feeling about an event or situation then in shows a stress free lifestyle is yours! Another interpretation of being delighted in a dream shows that you are waiting expectantly for advice from a person that has great value to your life.


To dream of being delighted at seeing or visiting beautiful places and landscapes shows progress and success. It helps you flourish your associations with others.


Sometimes we experience “delight” in our dreams and this comes true, thus, happens. In this instance the dream is rather much a premonition, and a projected representation of one’s subconscious.


Feelings that you may have encountered during a dream of delight...


Happiness, satisfaction, joy, success, progress, flourishes, association, and bliss.

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