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To deal with this dream and its interpretation it is important to look at the spiritual meaning of a crowd.
On a negative front a group of people are likely to be considered an angry mob, which has some negative correlations.
Dreaming of being part of a crowd can indicate that some times we do not wish to stand out, or that on occasion we do not have a personal sense of direction in regards to how we should accomplish our achievements in the future – in regards to others.
The people which are around you in a crowd often provide their own interpretation.
If the crowd is happy and content and cheering then this is generally a positive dream if the crowd however are negative then this can imply that we are going to find difficulty communicating with others in the future will stop the other indication and meaning of this dream is that we may find safety in numbers if we drawing a crowd.
A football crowd symbolise that you feel you need to belong, you have been feeling alone in a number of situations. A demonstration or carnival shows that people highly regard you.

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