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Buying Clothes

Buying Clothes.

The urge to buy new clothes in a dream state normally occurswhen one is anxious. There is a focus of trying to fit in with others.

Clothes represent the outer self.



To see yourself in a clothes shop suggests that you at times you feel envious of others. In your subconscious mind, you feel that you deserve much more – which you probably do!To compete with others, it is important that you change their perceptions of you. Thus, this can result in a dream of purchasing new clothes, to increase your outer status.


Incidents that may occur in your dream may be….

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  • You cannot find the right shop for the clothes you want to buy.
  • The clothes available are either too large or too small for you.
  • The clothes are a perfect fit but the material is not to your liking.
  • The dress suits you fine but has some defects.
  • The colors available do not match what you are looking for.
  • You feel frustrated as the clothes you want are too expensive.


There may be some positive effects like…


  • You have found the dress you are looking for it means new experiences are coming your way.
  • You are satisfied that the dress you bought will suit you, in this case the dream is positive.


The dream can be interpreted as….


Clothes are the reflection of the inner self. Whenever faced with a new environment, new people or a new job then this dream may appear. There is a focus to take on more responsibilities. This dream also appears when one needs to live up to the expectations of others.


Since the dreamer is trying to change their external image, this in waking life is connected to a requirement of changing new surroundings. The prospect of altering quickly can cause stress. Thus, an ill-fitted garment often means that people’s expectations do not fit with the dreamer’s future.


In old dream dictionaries clothes stand for the new-self. To be unable to find the correct store or the correct dress means changes are coming your way.For the dress to be either too large or too small means someone does not fit into the life plan of the dreamer. For the dress to not be of good material or inappropriate color suggests possible doubts of your own capabilities - especially in handling a new situation. For the clothes store to have a sale means your self-esteem has reached a new time low. Maybe it is time for a make-over or a new diet.


The color of the clothes you buy in the dream is significant to your true self. If your clothes are white then it means you want to look brighter in waking life. If you buy a black garment in your dream, then this means you need toad just to a new environment.



If your clothes are dirty and you are shopping for a replacement. It means a change of your inner self. Old traits will be challenged to dream of seeing others shopping for clothes. Once a new set of clothes in your dream have been purchased, the dream will probably end. This is because you have found a new way to make yourself acceptable to others. To feel dissatisfied in the dream can suggest an increase in anxiety and restless sleep.

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