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To see the color blue in a dream signifies your subconscious mind, and that you are an introvert. When you experience a dream such as this, it is important to recognize that sometimes it is important to analyze your life in terms of what you are trying to achieve in regard to your career.
Blue in spiritual terms symbolizes communication. 
The color blue is associated with being an introvert, it means we can communicate well with others. If you are an extrovert, then it is time to let go. Blue is a sign of communication and richness. It also signifies protection.
In your dream you may have…
  • Seen blue.
  • Passed a blue passage.
  • Seen a blue house.
  • Seen a blue shadow.
  • Seen a big blue tunnel.
  • Seen blue object's
Positive changes are afoot if...
  • The dream resulted in peace and happy times.
  • The dream was a pleasant experience.
  • Seeing blue was enjoyable.
Detailed dream interpretation...
Seeing a blue tunnel in your dream can foretell good health ahead. A blue object means protection. To be scared in the dream means that people may be worried about how you approach them. 
To see a blue house in your dream is a sign of luck and gain. A dark blue mansion means richness, but also envy. If you dream of the blue of the sky means you will enjoy excellent health and prosperity. To walk through the colour blue in your dream is an omen of an undecided trip. If you see sky blue means help and support from someone close.
Feelings that you may have encountered during a dream of shadow...
Surprised. Content. Amazed. Curious. Enjoying.


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