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Dream meanings Bear


It is said that if you dream a big bear, you will get lucky. You ought to try something risky, such as playing the lottery.

If you dream of killing a bear, the fiercest enemy of yours will experience a loss. You will have positive rewards if you dream of chasing a bear, as it means you are strong and courageous. In the Western tradition, the dream of a bear means arguing with friends. In the Eastern tradition, the dream of a bear means gossip: someone is talking about you behind your back. Witnessing a bear in your dream is a reminder of the spiritual strength, power, and growth of the unconscious mind. This dream symbolizes that sometimes you need to remind yourself of your childhood and the happiness that brought you where you are today. This dream also represents stamina and that you will undertake situations requiring mental and psychological strength.


In your dream you may have...

  • Had a bear as a pet.
  • Had a bear attack you.
  • Seen a brown bear.
  • Gone running from a bear.
  • Chased a bear.
  • Killed a bear.
  • Seen a bear in the distance.
  • Seen a calm peaceful bear.
  • Seen a large bear.
  • Encountered bear skin or a bear skin rug.
  • Seen a grumbling bear.
  • Encountered a polar bear.
  • Encountered a bear with cubs.
  • Seen a teddy bear.

Positive changes are afoot if...

  • The bear in your dream was not aggressive.
  • The bear did not harm anyone.
  • The dream was of a child with a teddy bear.

Detailed dream interpretation...

The old dream dictionary meaning of a bear is a prognostic of deceit, as misfortune will approach you in a seemingly fair aspect. Your bitterest enemies will wear the garb of friendship. Rivals will try to supersede you. To see the skin of a bear means that you will successfully overcome any opposition.

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In shamanism the bear is a strong totem animal, which in some cases represents a spirit guide. In fact, based on some meditation practice, this animal can provide comfort, as it is centered to be connected to spiritual well-being. To dream of a polar bear (as long as you have not watched too much TV!) represents that there is a woman surrounding you who has become icy and cold. Handling the situation successfully will require negotiation and compromise. The polar bear signifies a deep emotion that needs to be expressed.

If you dreamed of a teddy bear, then this provides a window to your deep childhood instincts. The context of the dream shows that you will have to be further understood. However, in general this dream indicates that sometimes it is easier to go back to the things that use to make you smile when you were a child. The key influence of this dream and the animal is that your childhood enjoyment has been lost, and it is time to go out into the world and have fun.

Seeing a bear in your dream could refer to a rich and powerful enemy, probably an adversary or rival of yours. It foretells that you could soon be in a fight with your friends. Having a bear in your dream is generally a sign of violence in the real life. If in your dream a bear attacks you, this means precaution is necessary. A brown bear means brutal passions, and enemies full of ferocity. Seeing yourself running away from a bear is a good omen. If in your dream you see someone killing the bear, your enemies will encounter losses, and you will generally win over them. If you yourself kill the bear, you will be able to get rid of those that you do not want in your entourage anymore.

If you see a bear in the distance, it could mean three possibilities: your hand will be forced, your enemies are in your way, or you have many enemies around you. If you want to succeed, you must make big efforts. A calm bear is an omen of slander and gossip. If the bear is big, this also means quarrel, slander, and gossip. In general, dreaming of a bear is a sign that you will be challenged in your business deals. If a young girl dreams of a bear, this is an omen that she will have a conflict with people that are in her way.


The bear in the dream state is associated with how you express yourself in life. It is associated with a fierce, aggressive wild animal. The bear can also indicate a caring nature. 

Any dream that contains a bear is a positive, but aggressive symbolism. There can often be associated with another human being who has the same traits. The bear is often seen as an aggressive animal, it survives in the wild and can easily get angry. In dreams, a bear featured can indicate not only your characteristics you are portraying also a female who has such traits. The female bear in some dream dictionaries have been associated with a sister, mother or even a grandmother. The mother bear in dreams is often connected to your protective side in life. A hurt bear in a dream suggests you need to focus on your own inner abilities but also associates how you are perceived by others. 

Alternatively, in the Asian tradition the bear in dreams is associated with how we love one another. If you are being hunted by the bear the dream can indicate that you need to overcome some difficult obstacles in life. If you see somebody hunting and shooting a bear then this is associated with a person in the waking world who is projecting aggression. To see a white bear in the dream is associated with the inevitability for peace in life. 

Bear traps in dreams: to set a trap for the bear is associated with feeling extremely excited about the project that is soon going to take shape in the waking world.

If you are the bear in the dream: this is connected to your confidence especially in the working world. It is associated with the hidden desire for promotion or financial gain. To create a bear trap of any description is connected to the warmth of the project on others. To be caught yourself in a bear trap suggests that failure may occur. To be the bear yourself and to fight others is an association of having influence over others. To see the bear as a pet in the dream indicates possible aggression towards somebody in waking life. The advice here is that you need to listen to what other people have to say.


If the bear was black in color in a dream: then this dream can indicate that you need to look behind people’s actions and try to understand what they are thinking. From a spiritual perspective the black bear indicates that you’re going to have unhindered vision on how people are acting in the future. This will be your strength.  

A white bear in a dream (not a polar bear): indicates that enemies are going to try to bring you down. The white bear in the dream state is also associated with nature and the requirement to face the facts and don’t carry any  disillusion is about the future. The white bear if being aggressive in a dream indicates that a challenge will be coming soon.

Chased by a bear in a dream

If you are chased by a bear running away, especially in a wooded surrounding indicates that there is a problem that you are not facing. The bear pursuing you can be a hidden obstacle in waking life.

Baby bears in dreams


If we look at how cubs interact. To dream of cubs means that you need to  clarify events in life in order to understand the true meaning.  Baby bear's in a dream is associated with meeting somebody that you made love. A baby bear in dreams can often be associated with not only innocence but childhood traits. 

Being bitten by a bear

To be bitten by a bear in the dream state is associated with readiness to communicate with others. It is particularly common to see this dream when there is a relationship that needs to be reviewed. This could be a love relationship. There also signifies that corporation is called for.

A hibernating bear / Sleeping bear

To see a sleeping bear or a bear in a cave is associated with merging different perspectives of life. It indicates that you need rest and recuperation in order to understand what is forthcoming. Focus on any questions you have in life. It might be that you are at turning point and this is why you see yourself having to shut everything out in order to understand the truth and accept responsibility.


To see a bear standing up in the dream

If a bear is being aggressive and standing on its hind legs in a dream then this indicates that you need security as a human being. It can of course be associated with financial reward. The fact that the various showing signs of aggression can mean that this is what you need in order to progress in life. Especially in connection to work affairs. You know what you want maybe you are too stubborn or do not have enough drive in order to get what you want.

Grizzly bear attack in dreams

A grizzly bear attack in the dream indicates that somebody waking life was trying to deceive you.  The dream itself can also be associated with your caring side. 

Group of bears in a dream


To see a group of bears in a dream is associated with changing circumstances and also difficult relationships with others. It may be that you are confused about the next phase of life. Try to engage change.

Dancing bear in a dream

The dancing bear in dreams indicates that you may be in a situation that will require confidence. The dancing bear also indicates that you will not worry about what people think of you. When you see the dancing bear it is associated with being aware of your direction in life.

To see the mother bear in dreams

The mother bear in dreams is connected to how we  connect with our own side of life. Consider that you have a deep connection with various females. The bear  in this context also suggests a solid relationship with mother or grandmother.


Koala bear in dreams

The koala bear in a dream is connected to letting your head overall your heart or gut instinct in life. The koala bear can also suggest that you need to get to the truth of the matter, this means looking at your feelings.

Panda bears in dreams

The panda bear is a very lucky omen. It is associated with what you can achieve in life. It indicates that your current goals can be fulfilled and that you will soon be able to be the mastermind behind any projects at work. You will try to get results or find innovative ideas. The key here is to try to work on yourself in order to remain the top of your profession.

Polar bears in dreams


A white polar bear in a dream is connected to success and also acceptance. There may have been troubled waters in the past in this omen imagery indicates that you are going to move into a much more calmer state of affairs. The polar bear is also connected to how we undertake relationships in life. It suggests that you need to work hard to make a relationship work.  due to the color of the polar bear it also indicates peace, success in business matters and the ability to overcome any difficulties in life.

Sloth bear in dreams

The sloth bear in dreams  is connected to a situation that seems somewhat slow. You have to try to let go of any resentment or anger in life. This sloth appears in dreams when an important decision needs to be made in order to take the next step of self-awareness. It can also indicate that there is a female who is kind and tenderhearted arranges. If you see the sloth bear moving in the dream - then this suggests that you need to slow down your actions. 

Mountains and bears in dreams

To see a bear near a mountain or if the dream is connected to a mountain indicates that you are willing to commit yourself in order to help others achieve their goals. The bear in this sense indicates you need to consider whether you are too emotionally involved in the situation. On the deepest level of interpretation this dream can also indicate that you may need to recuperate in life.


Shooting a bear dead in a dream

To hunt and shoot a bear in a dream indicates that you need to review your goals in life. If you are hunting the bear then in the dream state this means that we find it hard to express yourself. The bear itself can tell us a lot about the influence and impact others have upon your life. A bear is associated with focusing on strength and the ability to overcome any obstacles.

Fighting bears in dreams

To dream that two bears or more are fighting for is a suggestion of an inner conflict in life. We all go through different phases and the bears fighting illustrate that sometimes your pride just gets in the way. They can often indicate a future outcome will result in conflict.

Feelings that you may have encountered during a dream of a bear…

Scared. Terrified. Worried. Anxious. Upset. In control. Pushy. Cuddly.

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