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A Beach

A Beach.

To see a long beach in your dream is associated with a desire for new beginnings.

There is a new transfer of thinking or perhaps a change of how you feel about someone.


A dream involving a beach that has quicksand signifies that you fear uncertainty. You've been misjudged by someone at work, and this has rocked your firm foundation. Maybe you have incorrectly become too secure in situations at work? To dream of walking along a long beach means that you need to focus on your work.

To see a rocky or pebble beach means you need to decide where you are heading in the future. To dream of sunbathing on a beach is connected to the unconscious mind. It is time to think about what you wish to do. A deserted beach indicates that you need to be on your own for a while to think about things. If you lived near a beach then times are going to be happier in the future. To find something on a beach is a great omen and changes will happen soon. If you are attacked on the beach this is a negative dream and you need to enable others to help you in waking life. You may feel attacked and your emotions are going to be all over the place for a while.

In your dream you may have…

  • Visited a deserted beach.
  • Lived near a beach.
  • Been sunbathing on a beach.
  • Walked along a beach.
  • Rode a horse on a beach.
  • Found something on a beach.
  • Hiding on a beach.
  • Being attacked on a beach.
  • Seen a pebble beach.

Positive changes are afoot if...

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  • In your dream you were happy and content.
  • You lived up to your potential in your dream.

Detailed dream interpretation...

To be near the sea is connected to our emotions, the beach is the place where the emotions (connected with the water) plus the material world (symbolic of the sand) meet up, together. This dream shows that you are keeping strong feelings inside and not letting them out. There has been a few problems in your life which may have not been resolved and you are still working through the problems.

A black sandy beach in your dream is a symbol of material attainment. To walk along a beach means that it reveals that you might be inside a relationship where feelings about your lifestyle are not understood. According to Freud’s basic dream model theory, the beach highlights the subconscious mind, and the fact the dreamer needs to rest. A beach is connected to a desire. This is directly associated with a new life path. To totally realize the meaning, you will need to search greater into the interpretation of the details around the dream. To ride a horse along a beach indicates that you are going to let others control you at work.

A pebble beach is symbolic of our own ideas, each pebble represents an opportunity in your life. It can also reveal that you have been holding robust emotions concerning work but used the experiences to learn lessons in life. To walk along a pebble beach means that you're in some manner not happy about where your life is heading, this may be an indication of difficulties as well as resentments on an emotional level.


To see a boat on the beach links to friends and is associated with excitement. In this case it will probably symbolize happiness. To run on the beach represents sureness in life, you're certain of your feelings and hold self-assurance. To eat an ice cream on the beach means that you have perhaps overreacted in a situation. In many cases the beach indicates your inner thoughts and your reaction to changes in your daily life.

Feelings that you may have encountered during a dream of a beach...

Enjoying the beach. Having a great time. Surprised. Relaxing in the sun. Amazed. Curious. Happy.

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