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Bag filled with veg dream

A Bag Filled With Vegetables.

Seeing vegetables in your dream is a sign of bad luck.  

To see them in a bag within your dream indicates that negativity is going to come all at the same time. A bad business decision that you have made can result in financial misfortune. This could lead to you losing what you have worked hard for in the previous years. You need to be careful to avoid misfortune befalling you. When you make decisions, especially concerning new businesses you want to venture in or expansion of business, you should consult others to avoid putting your money in something that will drain everything and leave you dry.



In the dream, you may…

  • Have seen a vegetable bag.
  • Been to the store and filled a bag full of vegetables.
  • Carry the vegetable bag which then breaks in your dream.
  • Seen that you filled a bag full of vegetables, but this then disappears.
  • Seen that the bag contains: potatoes, carrots, mushrooms, courgettes, aubergines, broccoli, onions, garlic or cabbage.

Detailed dream interpretation...

A situation where you see a vegetable bag in your dream suggests that you are supposed to take precautions in life because your business is going to cost you allot of time. You need to reconsider a decision and work on something else which you are sure will make your business to grow and bring you more wealth.

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If you happen to see in your dream that you have been to the store and you have filled a bag full of vegetables, it implies that you have been given the wrong advice by people around you. Advice that is going to ruin your business. You should try and use what you already know. Try to forget about any new advice that you receive. You are better off with your old ideas than new ones.

When you dream that you are carrying a vegetable bag which then breaks in your dream it means that decisions you made are already causing havoc in your life.

You need to reconsider taking a break it at the moment. You need to seek advice from those people who are already veterans in your line of business.

To see others carrying a bag of vegetables indicates you originally drawn to a business idea that has not turned out as expected. To see children carrying vegetable bags indicate a new beginning and a new start on the horizon.


To fill a bag full of vegetables, then these “disappear” in your dream means that you have experienced a series of bad luck in terms of finances due to making wrong decisions.

Somehow, your struggles and hard work are bearing fruit and you are coming out of a situation the other end and you can see success on the horizon. Keep it up and in no time, you will be successful and wealthy.

When you have a dream where you see a bag that contains potatoes, carrots, mushrooms, courgettes, aubergines, broccoli, onions, garlic, or cabbage, it suggests that you are aware of a specific decision which will result in a financial difficulty.  

The best thing you can do is to remove all problems by changing your approach.  To buy vegetables in a supermarket or a store and for these vegetables to be rotten indicates that you are in tune with your own emotions at the moment. We may feel vulnerable depressed in the near future. Make sure you respect other people’s feelings.

Feelings associated with your dream of tobacco...


Success, fulfilled, cautious and worried about the future.

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