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A baby highlighted in your dream may stand for an incredible new start in your life. Did the baby cry?

If the baby in your dream cry’s for attention then this dream generally symbolizes that you have over the past two months been very creative. This dream also signifies that there may be a requirement to have new creative ideas in the future. Also, this dream can show the vulnerable part of your character, that has to be sheltered or perhaps you are fostering some new ideas or opinions.


New Age people, generally speak of 'loving the inner child' they counsel us to articulate the blameless character of ourselves. You need to be able to successfully develop new ideas, if you are holding a baby in your dream then this is often connected with functioning successfully on social or charity deeds, which you have to become part of. In short, this dream also means that you may need to consider other people’s thoughts in regards to projects. To see a newborn baby in your dream can signify purity, warmness and new beginnings.

The meaning of this dream also depends on what the baby looked like and was doing. Generally, babies represent innocence, great potential, and new beginnings. If the baby in your dream is beautiful you may experience new happiness and feelings of security. An ugly baby suggests that you may not be trusting your friends and that you may be concerned about their motives; sick babies indicate that you may have some very difficult times in your immediate future. If the baby is walking you may experience new independence (this is folklore), but if you loose the baby through the drain while bathing you may have a fear of not being able to live up to your expectations. Many times babies indicate great happiness and joy.

In your dream the baby may have been any of the following:

  • an infant or very young child = new starts, happiness, purity.
  • a newborn or very young animal = this is the same meaning as a baby in your dream. Times are good.
  • the youngest member of a family, group, etc = you need to spend time on yourself.
  • an immature or childish person = new times ahead.
  • a human fetus = rebirth

To dream of a weeping baby, signifies that a part of yourself that is deprived of someone’s thoughts and maybe attention, and you need some nurturing. If you dream that you are visiting a hospital to give birth or visit a baby, then it dream indicates that your issues of habit and you are not being independent – it is time to take a stand.

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Perhaps you are trying to get out of some responsibility? If you are pregnant, in your dream then you are undergoing some worries in your dream. A baby can also represent your own internal nature which is pure and unspoiled. The dream interpretation may be that you are innocent of an accusation. Your dream may be telling you to follow this advice. On an external level, this dream can be associated with maternal instincts. Are you trying to gain expression? Do you want a child?

If you dream of pushing a pram you have moved towards behavior that is acceptable to your peers.

If you dream of a baby that is screaming in a public place then this dream indicates that you are hiding behind the natural beauty. It is time to go out and buy some new clothes in order to connect you to yourself and your spirit and cheer you up. What we look like on the outside has an influence on how we feel on the inside. Go and enjoy yourself!

Dreaming of a very young child demonstrates that you are going to have much fun in the future. An immature or childish person can be an indication to our own internal natures, our feelings of being vulnerable, powerless and/or uncorrupted. If you discover a baby (you have found a child) in your dream, then it denotes that you have recognized your concealed perspective – you can do anything in your life!. To dream of forgetting or that you had a baby (or forgot, or lost your baby) this dream means that you are trying to hide your own weaknesses. You do not want to let others know of your secrets within.


To dream of neglecting your baby (or a baby which is neglected) then this dream indicates that you need to pay yourself more attention. On the other hand, this dream can also signify that you need to protect your children much better. To see a baby which is starving in your dream is a direct indication of your dependence on other people. To dream of a very tiny baby (like a midget) then your dream indicates your fear of the future. To hold a baby in your arms which is dead signifies a fresh start. To see a dead baby’s body in your dream represents the ending of something that is part of you.To see a baby as a fetus represents new starts and happiness.

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