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A baby is usually a positive omen in dreams, representing the fact that you are starting something new and exciting start in life. To dream of a baby with a cute smile means that you are loved. A dream of a baby crying is a sign of disappointment or shows that you are worried about this life change. If a woman dreams she is nursing a child, it shows a lack of trust in the people around her. A crawling baby suggests that you are adept at acting and thinking on your own.


In your dream you may have...


  • Seen a baby.
  • Given birth.
  • Encountered several babies.
  • Seen a quiet or crying baby.


Positive changes are afoot if...


  • The experience with the baby is pleasant and calm.
  • You are nurturing and loving your own baby in the dream.
  • You felt satisfied with the dream’s results.


Detailed dream interpretation...


If you dream of babies (more than one baby), then this represents a new idea or new venture in which you are going to be in involved. If the birth of the baby in your life is overdue, it represents that something is delayed and you are worried regarding the delay. If you dream of a premature birth or that you are expecting a baby and are not prepared to give birth, this shows that it is important to aim higher in life, or you need to stop worrying about a particular project. Everything will be fine. Sometimes life tests us, and it is important that you can move forward with confidence.


More than two babies highlighted in your dream stands for an incredible new start in your life. If the baby in your dream cries for attention, this generally symbolizes that you have been creative recently. This dream also signifies that you may be worried about future creative ventures. It can also indicate the vulnerable part of your character that has to be sheltered, or perhaps you are fostering some new ideas or opinions.


If you see a crying baby, this means obstacles, problems in the workplace. These can include blocked projects. A beautiful and happy baby indicates a state of personal gratitude, innocence, ingenuity, lack of worry, a quiet period, new opportunities, a promising start, and hope. An ugly baby suggests a lack of confidence, worries, problems, and unexpected obstacles in personal projects.


Dreaming of a sick baby foretells stress, spiritual struggle, disappointment, and hard times ahead. If you see a baby that walks or learns to walk it means that first results are beginning to take shape in projects you have recently begun, but also high hopes and promises. Losing a baby indicates loss of control over your own actions, fear of not meeting the demands of others, worry, and guilt.


A laughing baby shows that you are thinking of happy times and that you are full of joy and satisfaction. A sleeping baby foretells a period of rest and detachment from the issues that you are involved in. Seeing a baby in a baby carriage could foretell unexpected help in your projects that will advance your goals. Seeing a birth indicates personal achievements in ​​life, dynamism, energy, a promising future, creativity, resourcefulness, imagination, and exceptional creative ability. Adopting a baby tells you to accept new tasks, new responsibilities in your everyday work, and the fact that you are conscious of the difficulties about to arise.


Feelings that you may have encountered during a dream of babies…

Happy. Renewed. Accomplished. Rejuvenated. Grateful. Proud. Content. Appreciative. Loving. Caring. Funny.

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