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Artwork is photographs, illustrations or other non-textual materials which are normally prepared for inclusion in publications.

If you dream about artwork, it is associated with taking notice in life. It could incorporate material possessions, accomplishments or capabilities. You feel good about yourself or you wish others to notice - you!


If the artwork in your dream about is of Native America it means that you are thinking about things that may compromise in any way. Things which make you proud of yourself and which you think will never change in your lifetime.

If you dream that you are buying a piece of artwork, it foretells that you like following a natural path in your life. You are good at following instructions, thus, will never fail. If you want to perform certain tasks in life then this is a great dream to have. You are always dedicated to your work and this makes you excellent at delegating work. You produce results.

A situation where you find that you are selling artwork in your dream denotes that you are naturally expressive. Thus, you can express your feelings in the open. You are feeling successes in life. If you have a talent, you cultivate it because it is rare. If you think that you are this creative, then you should consider creating art in waking life.

When you see yourself painting a picture in your dream, it shows that you have creative abilities. You are trying to express yourself, thus you hold a tendency for creativeness consciously. You seem to be naturally creative and tend to turn towards more creative methods of expressing yourself. Do you connect with the hearts and minds of audiences? You might be a secret artist, but you are dedicated to it, which is a talent on its own.

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It is possible to make your environment more pleasant, and this does not require you to have money to achieve this. A dream of artwork could imply that you need to pay attention to your environment and make sure that you are creative.

In this dream…

  • You carried out artwork in the dream.
  • The artwork was on the computer - such as brochure design.
  • Other people were carrying out artistic work.
  • You visited a gallery of art.
  • Artwork surrounded you.
  • You got paid for your artwork.

Detailed dream interpretation

A dream where you carried out artwork foretells of change or a need for change. If the color that you are using to do the artwork is dull, it could mean that you are troubled or offended by negativity or criticism given out by someone or something in your waking life. If you happen to like the colors that you are using to draw or paint it denotes that, you are going to be pleased with changes which are about to happen in your life.


The artwork on the computer, such as a brochure design denotes beauty and inner life. If you felt good when looking at the artwork this indicates that your creative life needs more nurturing and feeding and you need care and attention. If you noticed a design on a computer was boring and uninspiring, it represents something in your life needs to change.

Dreaming about other people carrying out artwork implies that you seem to be preventing change and this is making others who are around you to benefit from the opportunities that pass your way, because, you are not aggressive. Try to change your perspective towards life in general, and you will be shocked at how everything will work for your good.

If you dream that you visited a gallery of artwork, it denotes that, at the moment, your creative side of life is active and it is making you experience so many positive changes in life. It has made it possible for you to prosper. You need to continue with the same spirit as others because this will result in prosperity. If you decide to slow down, things might turn out difficult, and others will grab opportunities, leaving you waiting. Life is all about grabbing the opportunities that come your way.

If you dream that artwork surrounds you, it denotes that, something is important to you.  It could also be mean that you are in the process of forgetting something important which you are not supposed to forget. It is a warning, and you should heed to it. When you wake up, try to think what it is that you need to preserve and when you find out what it is.

A situation where you are paid for your artwork in your dream means you should closely pay attention to what it is that you have painted. Whatever it is, it denotes your current state of mind and your feelings. Ensure that you express yourself creatively. It is possible that you already have an idea in the life of how to achieve.


Feelings associated with the dream...

Active. Strong. Enthusiastic. Determined. Eager. Elegant. Cheerful. Great. Happy

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