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Dream meanings Anger


This dream shows that you are struggling in some way to express yourself to others. The dream about anger needs to be read with all the other factors included.

Anger in any dream shows that you are currently experiencing some type of threat, and that this reflects your feeling of denying yourself something that is important to you. If the dream showed violence or more than one person who was aggressive, then you need to make sure you express yourself to the right people and in the right way.


In your dream you may haveā€¦

  • You are angry.
  • Somebody is angry at you.
  • Angry on another person.
  • Fighting angrily with somebody.
  • You are violent and angry.
  • You have an argument.
  • You fight angrily with relatives or friends.
  • A fight between man, women or children.

Positive changes are afoot if...

  • You express yourself to the right people.
  • Pay attention to your anger in the waking life.
  • Review a conflict you have with another person, and look for a viable solution.
  • Examine your inner world through insight and meditation.
  • Let go of any conflicts in your waking life.

Detailed dream interpretation...

In a number of circumstances, dreaming of being angry and violent can symbolize that you are actually angry with someone in your waking life, and it is important to try finding a solution to that anger. If you have a dream of passing through a narrow alley and you are angrily attacking somebody, it shows a general need to overcome stress and stop worrying about things that have not happened yet.

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If you are struggling to be yourself in the real world, or you have a fight and you are angry, then it is common to have a dream of this nature. Throughout society anger is not acceptable, and in the dream world this remains the case. If are in your dream you are not angry, but others are, it is important to make sure that you have not offended someone else and the person may be harboring anger inside based on something that you have done. Think about how anger was represented in your dream. It could be a man driving a fast car, a fire, or even an aggressive animal. Anger could be a carry over emotion from your daily life. Feeling great anger in your dream may be disturbing, but pay attention to it and attempt to deal with all of your emotions in a more appropriate and productive manner. Whatever external element demonstrated the anger, this dream symbolizes the importance of being able to control this anger preventing you to enjoy your life. Look inside through meditation for the answers.

The dream about anger has opposite signs. To dream that you are angry to a person it means that you will enjoy the help of that person. If the person is a stranger, you will receive unexpected good news. The dream that you angry suggests that in the real life you will be a peaceful and friendly person. For example, if you get angry at a particular person, in fact you will enjoy collaboration, and possibly help from that person.

The dream that you are angry is a bad sign is. You will have difficulties in relationships. It is possible to also have to deal with a sudden death. Anger can be the omen of power of concentration. Experiencing tears of anger means a malicious gossip from people close to you. If somebody makes you angry, you will be successful at work. If you make someone angry, this refers to the emotional despair of a disappointment.

Anger suggests digestive problems. If you are angry in your dream, you could fall in love in the real life. If your anger is linked to an injustice that you did, it means happiness along a person of the opposite sex.


Feelings that you may have encountered during a dream of anger...

Anxious. Worried. Strange. Insecure. Furious. Tired. Lazy. Confused. Upset. Overwhelmed. In a bad mood. Offended. Insecure. Upset. Angry.

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